Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of caution.

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Norman Last_Name says:

"The worlds largest market in the world."

The New Indian says:

Wow, Mr. John did a splendid job on the content. Its a very complex thing to explain to a general audience and he nailed it like a pro! hats off.

PaperiLiidokki says:

Bitcoin is literally virtual lines of ones and zeroes, just because a small minority ''agree'' it's valuable payment method compared to other worldwide agreed methods, like US dollars, Brittish pound or euros, doesn't make it so.

Right, maybe you can't hack the blockchain but ppl really, really underestimate the determination and free time of ppl who would do it just be cause it was said it can't be done and just to cause havoc, and why hack the chain when you can infect one part of the chain and thus infect the whole thing.

Norman Hairston says:

Bitcoin is a bit like the Dutch tulip Craze, rare when they are first imported, but the process of using them (growing tulips) tends to make more. eventually they go from scarce to available in tonnage quantities. Additionally, the proces of mining Bitcoin is about to get heavily mechanized by quantum computing. A world with crypto-destructing quantum computing is a world without cryptocurrency.

darkasian755 says:

This segment is spot on, there's too much irrational exuberance on garbage coins. I've seen this happen in 2013 as well and 99% of those coins end up going to shit. I'm glad he trashed an overvalued white papers like EOS. People need to realize THERE IS good money to be made here, but you can't be throwing your money at any shit coin. Made millions of dollars from Bitcoin and will continue to make more, on Bitcoin. Bitcoin's here to stay for good whether you like it or not. Naysayers will eventually get in, the question is how far along will they be

Akuro Adennyciia says:

Good to see you actually being a journalist again.

Narendra Panse says:

This segment is poorly done. Given the history of research this program has, this is a tad bit galling. Cryptocurrencies were poorly explained as was blockchain. in the recent spate of much-love for such currencies various govts. crackdowned on them – this was entirely left out. Just a suggestion – temper the cheesy metaphors.

картошка caн says:

13:40…my nigga

Rob says:

I wonder if Eos can improve Brock Pierce's hat? Probably not, that's shit's impossibly terrible.

Dan D says:

Bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble bubble POP!!

Byron Obando Suarez says:


John Wolf says:

Dan Gurwich !!!!

Garbage Trash says:

Deep onion was probably created for the deep Web seeing as though onion is Tor's logo, and deep from the deep web.

M Roth says:

The whole cryptocurrency hysteria can provide clues to how the Bernie mania took off in 2016. Many parallels: driven by young disenfranchised restless youth looking to establish a niche in this confusing world. Both based on dreams and bubbles

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