First Decentralised ICO on Komodo | EOS Token Swap

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💙 First Decentralised ICO on Komodo | EOS Token Swap
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Some Guy says:

Bitgrail & Nano. Plunder partnerships.

DoJo Mast3r says:–lYS5LZ4 is the source of the intro video, I love your channel but please if your going to use someone else content at least reference the location because it comes across as if you created it

Captain Crypto says:

Good video as always, although I think you missed the mark with Bitcoin Private.

DigitalMiningSolutions says:

You should teach a class on Youtube intros….

cody correia says:

I like the green t-shirt too!

blazersfire1 says:

You the man! Always entertaining

Googtube88 says:

Booo @ stealing @jimBTC 's video and using it without consent / attributions… This is not cool bro. Hope you do whats right here.

zyx says:

wow… this was one of the funniest BTC related intros ever! Thanks for brightening up our day 🙂

latigo66 says:

You never disappoint 👍

Jim Bob says:


Jessa Junia says:

I really love this channel. 😂 That was very informative. Thank you for that update. By the way, I got great news for those who have XP Cryptocurrency. Business Class Airline Tickets are available in exchange for Experience Points (XP) at .

K White says:

You need to give credit on the video to the guy who made it (@JimBTC)

De Paul says:

You stole this meme off Jim.

Whale Club says:

The intro was stolen shamelessly from

CRYPTO NumbNuts says:

saw that intro on twitter yesterday lol was waiting for you to input in in one your vids funny shit

Asher Mackey says:

How do you come up with this shit? So dang funny!

Nathan Bourgeois says:

Content thieves.

Tomaž says:

you just kill me every time with the intro video but man i liked this one so much i just died laughing…lol…love the idea…keep on making the crypto world a fun space 😉 you are my crypto intro king!

Jim btc says:

uhhh… how about some credit there for the intro boyo?

namaste sun says:

good stuff mate, youre the only crypto channel i watch. In fact i think you need to make these longer, like 10min. Cause its freakin hard waiting a whole day for a new one. theres so much you can tell us about. seems way too short at the moment.

jkellzer says:

LMAFO that intro video was epic

Crypto Collector says:

The intro kdub used yesterday but good one

Mylo Mylo says:

Will you participate in the dICO?

Трансляции Киберспорта says:

all. me – это тебе поможет!

okulair says:

You're awesome

Vivendiify says:

EDWARD MAYA !!! FUCK YEAH !! what's the name of this remix tho?

Subliminal Espionage says:

😂😂😂😂 dude that was hilarious!

Vivendiify says:


B Ruck says:

Dude you’re hilarious

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