ICO REVIEW: Mainframe, Omnitude, YGGDRASH, Metronome, EdenChain and DAV

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In today’s episode Coin Bloq looks at censorship resistant messaging networks, cross blockchain cryptocurrencies and more! ICOs offer investors a high risk, high reward strategy that has the potential to net them untold riches or mire them in loss and despair. Coin Bloq will consider the merits and potential obstacles of the Mainframe, Omnitude, YGGDRASH, Metronome, EdenChain and DAV ICOs and asks whether the markets they seek to serve are non-existent or over-saturated.

The cryptocurrency space is littered with new and exotic sounding terms – tokenize this, blockchain that, etc. No wonder new entrants to the market gasp in desperation as they try to understand the incomprehensible! Each week, we look at six competing ICOs and ask whether they actually solve a problem, whilst comparing them to previous ICO projects. Supply and demand, basic economics and a sound understanding of market psychology are all taken into account and investigated by Coin Bloq.

**Make Sure the URL is Credible and Not a Scam. I am Not Liable**
Mainframe ICO https://mainframe.com

EdenChain ICO http://edenchain.io

YGGDRASH ICO https://yggdrash.io

Metronome ICO https://www.metronome.io

DAV ICO https://dav.network

Omnitude https://omnitude.tech

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. I am not Financial advisors.

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Gareth Cox says:

I have to say as much as you want more subscribers, I like the fact that the clever few are able to soak up your clear wisdom and excellent presentations. I wait eagerly for all releases and actively share your videos with a select few colleagues who are engaged in this exciting space right now. You are a breath of fresh air compared to some of the obnoxious reviewers Charles. These are literally the highlight of my week. Appreciate all your hard work, time and effort.

Andy Sharky says:

don't like mainframe.

John Young says:

Excellent review as always. You are one of very few true and great ICO reviewer. Well done and thanx

Serghei Garan says:

Hello. What do you think about Optitoken, they shared some news recently – https://www.ccn.com/optitoken-airdrop-5-9-million-tokens-affected-scandalous-projects/. Thank you for your attention )

Dave Oakes says:

ICO reviews are not boring Charles. Not the funnest topic I admit but still interesting. I wait all week for your reviews and your business only approach is refreshing. Singing, dancing and cheap comedy are not necessary to make exciting videos. Youtube crypto reviewers are nothing more than foolish salesmen save for a few select individuals. The time for silliness has past, if we are to be taken seriously we need to dispense with the jokers and fraudsters. Thank you Charles for being true to the game.

Dave Oakes says:

DAV has the same ticker as Davorcoin! Oh Oh, trouble!

str8ryan says:

Great reviews as usual! I always look forward to your insight. What are your thoughts on sharder?

Simon Ryan says:

Thanks man another great video Charles, Let me know what you think of this new ICO a decentralized reward system for fans and artists – soniccoin.io Thank you!

Bayo Fakeye says:

Great analysis Charles!

Jack Reid says:

I'll be participating on Omnitude's crowdsale oh YEAH!

Vik Babu says:

Hey Charles, do you have a telegram group? Would love to join

omnitude says:

Thank you for the review! We really appreciate it.

Markus Louw says:

I'm Charles this is my robot voiiiice lol

Red 4 Danger says:

very honest review, no bullshit approach…

Average Joe says:

Charles, love your work. The challenge you face is to review good projects early enough so that your "fans" can still get on the white list. That means you have to find projects very early. Please check out Sovrin. They most likely will be doing an ICO around June. Plenty of time to give your opinion early.

Mohamed Taleb Barikhan says:

Thanks for deep diving into these potential ICO's and enlighten us about their pros and cons!
Could you analyse ELIGMA (ELI) ico in your next video please?

Mark Cronin says:

Thanks again Charles. A lot to take in. I'm thinking out of all these that metronome could be the one.

AliBremo says:

Hi mate, have you taken a look at Yetta? they have developed out of the European Commission's 80billion Euro Horizon 2020 research programme. The token metrics looks great and the team looks strong. I haven't seen it discussed anywhere and they don't seem to have any social media group chat

Zohar Bazak says:

Best Channel for crypto!
Little reminder about telegram 😉


Really Appreciate your efforts here. Love the content.

Tony G says:

Charles, the GOLD STANDARD of ICO Reviews.

kieran kay says:

Fantastic reviews again Charles. I am carefully documenting your recommendations and I have started a POST ICO watchlist. With BTC so volatile i believe that some of these great projects can be picked up on the exchange at a great price in this sideways market. Thanks so much for putting in all your work.

CryptoJon says:

Can you take a look at LSD Token (ICO)? They have cooperation with Civic and MedicalChain, German team, non speculative use case and a really low hard cap!! so big 50xxxxx potential

thuggerlanguage says:

suppoman will prob promote YGGDRASH

Thijs Boeree says:

Do you have review on Vechain? I saw your review on Ncash and was very impressed!

Alex Filippov says:

Hello Charles. Really good picks of ICOs. Thanks for sharing you opinion.

russell hopwood says:

Great video. I looked at metronome a few weeks ago but the Dutch auction put me right off.

Cem Yilmaz says:

Hey Charles, always enjoyed your videos. I will continue sharing them on my twitter accounts @cem1000 and @whenapollo
Thanks for providing yet again a content-rich ico analysis video!

Bangerz N' Mash says:

Jolly good!

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