Top 5 Altcoins! – Best Altcoins from 101 – 200 Rank! – CryptoCurrency Altcoins

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I made a list of my top 5 altcoins that are from rank 101 – 200! These are great cryptocurrency projects!
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MisterLG says:

Cant wait to see the video for the best 5 of the 200-300 list! I personally hold Gulden, DeepOnion and Bean cash from that list 🙂

KingRaj Raja says:

क्रिप्टोकरेंसी की अधिक जानकारी लेने के लिए मेरे YouTube चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें इस लिंक पर क्लिक करके

जिस भी किसी भाई को यह वीडियो अच्छा लगे to वह इस वीडियो को कम से कम 10 लोगों को सेंड करें और उन लोगों को भी यही कहें कि आप 10 लोगों को सेंड करें
इस वीडियो को अभी देखने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें

Add me as a contact on YouTube.

Ranger4R fg says:

Firstly, thank you for the vid!
Secondly, may I suggest 3 coins I'm holding for your upcoming video?!

1. Btx ( bitcore)
2. DeepOnion
3. XSH ( Shield )

Thank you!

Yinchen San says:

What do you think about the deepOnion , I think the deepOnion is another good choice . No ICO , deepVault ,votecenter and deepSend are coming . The airdrop of deepOnion is closed to finish and we have a plan to list on a big exchange platform .

claudio ambrosino says:

Internet of People (IoP) Decentralized Infrastructure for Apps and Payments…….Only 3.5 million tokens, very low price 3 $, huge potential

Mr Ebenezar says:

Thanks for reducing a list of 100 coins to a few potentials, missed some of my favourites but still some good picks. Looking forward ot the 200-300 list and I hope to see a few of my hopefuls on your next list: Deeponion, BitClave and NoLimitCoin are three of my holdings in the 200-300 list that I think deserves some feedback.
Please just don't bring up BitConnect 😉

fabiola McMahon says:

All these videos are upsetting because i do not see how it helps people get richer..why dont you try investing in Mr Toni? Mr Toni is the best…Ever since my dad introduced me to him, i have made a lot of money investing in his mining hardware… he currently makes me about $$45,000 monthly. his email is tonihamiltonprofit@gmail. com ..Goodluck!!!

Suresh V says:

We Have A Mining Software In Blockchain Wallet which Can Mine Upto 3 Bitcoin Weekly. No cost on the software. We would be doing it on profit sharing basis. So it is win win situation for both. For Details Contact Me : +918939691719 (INDIA) or Mail me :

Kaido D says:

Trying to make people hype..😜

VokAin says:

Hey Zac, what mic are you using? sounds super clear, btw 201-300 you need to check out DeepOnion, my clear favourite!

Globee07 says:

I like and support the idea of WAX, the gaming industry is already huge and will exponentially grow in the future for sure. You should check out HERO (PLAY) too, that coin focuses more on betting in esports/gaming, they already have a working platform and will implement the use of their coin soon. It wasn't mentioned in the video though I have seen it in the comments…I'm a strong believer in privacy coins, especially DeepOnion. Currently a low ranked coin, but has plenty of features that can promise a bright future and big possible gains.

Courtney Alston says:

Can you do a deep dive video on Polymath? It's a very interesting project

Crypto Dredd says:

Thanks for the video. New investor here. What do you think about ZIL and NCASH ?

Priyansh Dubey says:

Credits token

Spexik Channel says:

Great video, as always. In my opinion, privacy coins can experience really huge growth in 2018 due to all the hacker attacks, regulations and so on, that's why I would like to see DeepOnion in your Top 200-300 coins video.

George Ilavsky says:

Digging Utrust and Tel. I so want to add more of both but cash flow is low right now. Totally bums me out.

David Rhee says:

The coins have a lot of potential…

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Nico_173 says:

and by the way, you should look in to substratum, massive gains available

Nico_173 says:

One of the best sources of crypto news/upcoming projects/facts etc.. thanks so much keep up the good work

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