One of the major universities will issue diplomas through blockchain. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launches a pilot program for receiving … – today we have interesting project for a review MakeToken. It is coming with really unique idea which you never seen before. More information in this video! And now all our subscribers can win [More]
🔌 👇HOW TO GET A READING WITH ME 👇 🔌 MY PATREON CRYPTOVUES.COM SUPPORT STREAMLABS.COM/CRYPTOVUES Bitshares (BTS) taking off into the cryptosphere as they feverishly work to try and please requirements mandated by the [More]
Andres Martín-López launches Blokur, a music rights management company that uses Ethereum blockchain. The task of Blokur is to make musicians get money …
Aiwa Digital provides a complete suite of business-oriented, Blockchain apps that fit right into your budget. Our cost-effective approach to develop solutions has enabled us to help clients to make big savings in investment in [More]
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With XRP Ripple going up as much as 100% in the last 24 hours, a lot of people are embracing this move to the upside and even more are confused as to why its happeneing. [More]
National Chinese Science Academy Launches Blockchain Lab China’s federal science institution, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is taking part in a new …
This week on Blockchain Central: we’ll look into the main differences between Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). How to choose the right way of investing money and what are the risks [More]
In tonights special edition of the #AskNugget show, we have Neil the Founder of Crypto Recruit answering all your questions! Crypto Recruit recruitment agency specialise in recruiting exclusively within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. Neil [More]
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has effectively banned any dealings in cryptocurrency via banks or e-wallets in the country stating “dealing with or providing services to any individuals or business entities dealing with or [More]
This week on Blockchain Central: we will talk about the famous Bitcoin Hard Fork, which resulted in creation of Bitcoin Cash. Is BTH better than its bigger brother? Let’s find out! ‘Blockchain Central’ is your [More]
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Quick Video! Answering two question. 1) What sets Bakkt apart in the digital asset space? 2) Does Bakkt have to worry about CFTC regulations? Subscribe to Altcoin Daily for daily crypto content. Bakkt blog post: [More]
Why does a Bitcoin Bull Run happen happen at the end of every year? Why do we always see Q4 bull runs? Let’s talk about it! Follow us on Twitter: Like. Subscribe. ***Not financial [More]
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Bankacılık, Blockchain ile güvenli hale geliyorİSTANBUL – İnternet ortamında yapılan her türlü işlemin güvenli bir şekilde takip edilmesini sağlayan Blockchain teknolojisi, bankacılık alanında da güvenlik sorununu ortadan kaldırıyor. Bankacılık, Blockchain ile güvenli hale geliyor İSTANBUL [More]
​We recently organized a blockchain meetup on 4th August 2018, where we interacted with the developer community and other industry experts. This is a sneak peak of the meetup where one of our developers discussed [More]
We teach you how to turn CloudCoins into CloudCoin Bitshares tokens at
CloudCoin lead scientist Sean Worthington was able to execute the first manual CloudCoin transfer on Aug. 2. He said he hopes to be able to automate each of the processes very quickly and needs just [More]
Viva, dünya çapında küresel ölçeklenebilir, akran ipotek finansmanı sağlayan dönüştürücü bir finansal teknolojidir. Viva’nın İpotek Platformu ve Jetonlu İpotek Borsası, borç verenleri doğrudan borç verenlerle bir araya getirirken, likidite, çeşitlendirme, şeffaflık ve özel mortgage yatırımı [More]
Dynamic optimization of aviation enterprises with the help of blockchain. General Electric (GE), US diversified corporation offers the use blockchain technology …
Blockchain Enabling Decentralized Derivatives Trading Kleros, a decentralized dispute resolution ‘layer’ for virtually any transaction, has partnered with …
Should I go for Machine Learning or Blockchain? How to choose a Technology to Master? What is Blockchain? : What is Bitcoin? : Check out our website: Follow Telusko on Twitter: [More]
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