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This 36.5 million dollar condominium has just been sliced into digital shares, and you could own a piece of it. Video by Matt Goldman
Bonjour, Nouvelle vidéo, les paroles de ICO – Siri (Capsule #4) | | | Paroles | | \ | / \/ ICO – Siri (Capsule #4) Yo siri, tu peux compter les punch’s (D’accord)  Ta [More]
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Less than two years after it had been trading under $1, Bitcoin surged to more than $100 in the spring of 2013. CNBC’s panel discussed the risks and benefits of the cryptocurrency, its comparisons to [More]
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A blockchain is a data structure that was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin protocol white paper almost a decade ago. Bitcoin’s blockchain stores transaction data, but we can store any type of [More]
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