A question being asked a lot recently is whether Bitcoin and Ethereum have entered what will become a longer term downtrend. Are we going to see a deeper correction in cryptocurrencies? I’ll give you my [More]
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We quickly demonstrate one of the easiest way to buy Bitshares: using a bridge inside the online wallet.
Etherium is an up coming , futuristic real-time strategy game developed by Tindalos Interactive, the studio that created Stellar Impact. Its supposed to and I quote… “offers a particularly dynamic and edgy gameplay with innovative [More]
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Charla Debate el día 1 de Diciembre de 2011. Organizada por Asociación Cultural de Progreso y Libertad VIVA COIN.
Central banks are pursuing direct issuance of cryptocurrencies. This video outlines the latest developments in their quest to save the current monetary and financial system for the powers that be.
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Advanced trading tools like Margin trading and Stop Loss orders are the staple of regular stock investing. Whilst these tools are available in many cryptocurrency exchanges, they shouldn’t be used. This video explains why. Use [More]
Charla Debate a principio del mes de Junio sobre el Movimiento 15-M, llevada a cabo en la Casa de la Cultura y promovida por la AsociacióN Cultural VIVA COIN.
Imágenes aleatorias de los primeros cinco años de la Asociación VIVA COIN.
The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It provides a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, auditable, and resistant to outages. The blockchain has the ability [More]
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At TEDxTampaBay, David explores how Bitcoin and related technologies will radically change just about everything. Passionate about the intersection of technology and culture, Dr. David Z. Morris is a researcher with a PhD in Communication [More]
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