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Bitcoin Price Today – September 14th, 2019

by Alan Daniel
, Bitcoin Price Today – September 14th, 2019

The bitcoin price today is $10,319.28. With that, let’s take a look at some of the most important events taking place within the past week.

Bitcoin Price Today and Cryptocurrency

tZERO Is Still On The Move

The subsidiary of Overstock, tZERO, is still making moves despite the recent change-up of leadership at its parent company, Overstock. Its next move is to continue its foray into film financing, tZERO has recently struck another partnership with a media entity (BLOQ FLIX) in the pursuit of tokenizing film financing. tZERO is still in the early stages and is currently reporting losses per quarter over $8 million. The firm and its partners aim to form a new value chain in financing moving pictures across platforms from the traditional to the modern.

Of course, at the current moment, the tZERO process is only open to accredited investors due to laws and regulations.

This particular event isn’t tZERO’s first foray into the sector, as it is already in the process of conducting tokenization in another movie partnering with Vision Tree.

This piece of news is vital for several reasons. One, it shows that many companies can get involved in the blockchain sector and utilize innovations to bring about funding and value to participants within the industry. Second, it shows that entities within the sector can remain resilient despite other factors (leadership changes, etc.).

Security Token Mania

It seems that security tokens are here to stay, as another competitor, BnkToTheFuture, has stepped in to provide security tokenization. Security tokens allow more companies to get involved, grow, and possibly become relevant in the blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrency sector. The integration of more companies into this space brings about more potential for new use cases, new platforms, and modern Web 3.0 cultures. The security token landscape is still forming and will continue to draw interest as this sector matures; it is still in its infancy.

Interest Yielding Incentives

BlockFi and Staked are working to provide investors with a little bit of flexibility. Users can expect to experience and access a BlockFi platform that offers the ability to any unit of deposit digital assets. BlockFi interest accounts allow bitcoin, ethereum, Gemini dollar deposits where one can gain interest with an upper bound of 6.2 % annually. Its prior restrictions of half of a BTC, and other minimum bounds didn’t cut it anymore. The mass crypto people wanted in, and BlockFi answered the call.

Staked just launched a Robo advisor for yield (RAY) which will input money into high-interest Defi accounts automatically. Investors don’t have to sit around, wait, and watch for the latest and greatest yield, and they can let RAY do the active investing.

RAY hones in on ETH and DAI holders.

The cryptocurrency sector is becoming even more sophisticated with the right tools and systems being implemented over each quarter. More market participants are building around bitcoin and ether, adding value and aiming to retain value and interest within these systems.

France Won’t Tango With Libra

France doesn’t find joy with Libra. Its a big deal but its something that was expected.

Nations don’t want to feel as if an powerful independent corporation can threaten their monetary policy in any form or fashion. US representatives expressed similar concerns. Again, this is expected and I think it is just a stumbling block on some variation of a Libra release.

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