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Bitcoin Price Today – September 7th, 2019

by Alan Daniel
, Bitcoin Price Today – September 7th, 2019

The bitcoin price today is $10,432. With that, let’s take a look at some of the most important and fascinating events to present within the crypto ecosystem today.

The Bitcoin Price and Corporation Validation

Apple Executive Points to Long-Term Growth in Crypto

One exciting story this week was that Apple is interested in the crypto sector. According to an executive at Apple, the corporate behemoth is “watching cryptocurrency.” This move isn’t surprising in the least. Giants such as IBM have partnerships with decentralized projects like Stellar, Facebook is working on the Libra Project, and Overstock has its blockchain-focused subsidiary Medici Ventures.

In a world where Samsung enables crypto features for their phones and traditional finance corporations such as Visa make blockchain investments, Apple “watching crypto” is not particularly innovative or as surprising.

But something that this event might show is the rate of adoption.

Most people believe that we are still in the early stages of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Governments, corporations, decentralized projects, and consumers are figuring it out as they go along. Apple is slowly increasing its finance ventures with the release of the Apple Card, and investigating ways to improve and increase the value of its Apple Pay services. Indeed, division leaders at Apple, have noted the “long-term potential” of cryptocurrencies.

A pronouncement such as this one, would not be a stretch in the least bit. As noted earlier, Samsung has already made small forays into embracing cryptocurrencies. Apple, among other companies such as Paypal, has filed blockchain patents and are likely delving into potential uses cases in their different laboratories.

Visa Makes Several Substantial Investments in Cryptocurrency

Did you know that Visa is investing in Anchorage? The financial company has already partnered with Facebook’s Libra and will delve further into crypto with its investment in the crypto custodian. The Libra commitment is a large signal. Investing in a custodial firm like Anchorage also shows Visa’s belief in the crypto-based future.

Binance Does A Lot More Stuff

I think it is safe to state that Binance is moving at a frantic pace, making waves like a corporation and running as fast as a startup. The firm recently worked with US regulators to launch their own stablecoin, Binance USD (BUSD. They are right in line with NYFDS and comply with the necessary regulations.

CZ stated, “we hope to unlock more financial services for the greater blockchain ecosystem through the issuance of BUSD, including more use cases and utility through the power of stable digital assets.”

Binance Labs recently invested in Dapix, an entity focused on improving cryptocurrency wallets.

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