NEO $850 Price Prediction Crypto Bullrun Coming After Market Crash

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In this video we explore the Current situation in the world of Cryptocurrency and we explore the current value of NEO Coin and the possibility that $NEO could see a rise in value in respect to the current situation. Disclaimer i am not a financial adviser this is not financial advice this video is my opinion! I am not your dad and you are responsible for your own decisions. My opinion on the Chinese Ethereum is positive in respect to the fact that the $850 NEO value could be realized in collaboration with the smart economy. i personally hold the opinion that #NEO could have a big future. Remember to subscribe and comment Tell me what you think about NEO Cryptocurrency and the current situation and remember rate this video with a thumbs up.

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NEO Smart Economy


Frank Borrego says:

Neo wont overtake Bitcoin, besides Neo might overtake Ether for a while but not for long, not with gen 3 tech coming out like EOS, Nuls, Icon, Cardano, Zilliqa, Credits and my favourite Neurochain. Neo is temporary at most.

Marco Pons says:

Zilliga will come to dominate the market in this area thanx to new tech of sharding that enables de-centralized scaling, and 2 massive new advisors with added security now…

exptr says:

This youtuber is so dumb, he shouldnt be allowed to post videos.

Adam Cook says:

The whole idea of crypto and decentralisation is that it creates a new paradigm of border-less electronic cash. The argument of china doing its own thing is contrary to this idea. If its not open source and truely international then its not the new paradigm. Look at neo for short term gains only no long term future in these ethereum styled smart cryptos. Stick with the king it will ultimately do everything and isolationist countries will come to the party or loose out.

KingFahtah says:

But a lot of things with prefix"smart" are for spying on you and Chinese are souless devils. The gas dividends are useful tho

Joe H says:

ia m calling bullshit on this

Mariel Capistrano says:

nice video keep up the good work
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fritz baguio says:

Neo is the future

Tilina Pompiliu says:

Keep it up man!!

Darren Cameron says:

Mate where do you pluck your figures from you ain't going to see crap until we can get a slow and steady up trend and stay green more than red so instead of BS predictions if we can achieve a steady up trend we may get the confidence from potential investors to be investors which will inject money back into crypto I'll be happy to see NEO at $200 Look at charts the Highs are lower than previous Highs and the Lows are Lower than previous Lows between bots, whales and trading groups who are all setting there buy and sell alarms the same and profit is being taken just about everyday, do that to Company and see how long it stays viable for.

Wayne M says:

I bought NEO Finally! ummmh…Free GAS, wow!!

Chimi says:

this Content is trash – need to give relative explicit facts to an explicit timeline

rommel capistrano says:

nice video thanks for update
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David Alvarado says:

Your videos are like the grade school videos of crypto videos. You say the same shit every video. I’m pretty sure I can play your other NEO $900 side by side and it will be word for word. I hate myself for watching them every time. You-1 Me-0

Richard Harris says:


James Bluhm says:

The market can easily go 5x soon that’s a 5x neo

ishk sat says:

NEO will be 1k by EOY 2018

Dirk DigDuggler says:

Okay my friend… I browsed your videos this week and you more or less predict that every crypto coin in existence is going to follow Apollo 11 any day now. This is starting to stretch my credulity.

kryptog says:

I bought NEO at $145.. sold it at $89… Did I do it correct?

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