Bitcoin is “Crashing” Again… Why I’m Not Worried

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People seem to be worried again that bitcoin has started dropping. But we are not worried, and neither should you be. Here is why.

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Deadshot 247 says:

Love is trash! Bitches need cash! – Warren Buffett!

Jonathan Allen says:

Warren buffet hasn't actually had to make any trades in over 20 yrs. He has think tanks of people as in multiple along with plenty of managers to handle his funds. I'm wonder how often he actually looks at the books. Guy looks like he just goes around people watching as I'm sure the last thing he wants to talk about is 💰

GGMuscle says:

I predict the bitcoin chart will look like a heart beat, slowly uptrending until the end of the year before another big rally as we saw last year.

GGMuscle says:

Simon says bitcoin will rise

Burgundy Llama says:

why is it everytime bicoin drops a little. you all say crash?

larj Larj says:

Great video- we love FUD – more profit 😀 if you have time could you possibly do a video on 3rd gen tech ADA coin ?- it’s in the top 5 largest crypto. It needs attention 80% off. MACD, dmi – adx going very bullish. Along with rsi showing way over sold.

Question Tree says:

There's not really any bad news in the crypto space causing the total market cap to drop. The bad news is because the price is dropping, the sentiment of the space has changed, and might not change back for another year.

Bitcoin will consolidate and drop in the coming weeks, and stay sideways for months.

Kristopher Nix says:

You’re seriously the only channel I rely on and I follow probably 20. Anytime I see you post a video, I stop what I’m doing and watch it. You give two scenarios to be cautious of which shows buy ins and sell offs. Made money off of your videos. If I had the money to buy your subscription I would for sure. Thanks man.

viktor pustovoj says:

Удивительно, спасибо !!!!

Tom Bartol says:

so like all you yutubers, it will go up or down, lol

Oliver Tanner says:

What people need to remember bitcoin isnt supposed to be related to money value . Its supposed to be a value people can trade with eachother . The lines are being screwed by the profiteering minds of people . The value of money is not supposed to matter . Its supposed to hold value to each and everyone of us to get and buy things from eachother using bitcoin . Please remember this everyone !

Sooraj Rajendran says:

Hi…check this – a combination of EOS+BITFINEX to start a new exchange. I think its gonna be huge for EOS in particular. Do a video on this if possible.

Gregor Stebernak says:

Where can I follow Simon Shepherd?

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