Are Institutions already in Crypto?

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Cryptotrader went to Israel to see the Blockchain scene in the Start up nation.

Israel has all the makings of a Blockchain Nation:

– An education system that is obsessed with Maths and Science
– Defence force built on intelligence and Cryptography
– Infrastructure that is designed to create entrepreneurs.

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Mac Mac says:

Ernest young doin the β€œRight thing” best laugh I had all week LOL

samuisun66 says:

MTFs why is everyone a transgender?

Blockchain Gael says:

I don't give a fuck what jew demons do … could shrivel & die I don't give a shit.

OWEN says:

Hey, great video, what do you think about feniks finance? Very interesting project.

Godspower moses says:

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Greg Daponte says:

Awesome video!!!

Angelo Picasso says:

When people have no choice except to use crypto in everyday life then I will be big

Angelo Picasso says:

When will the shield of pork operational?

Morgan Warren says:

Thank you, great video! It was interesting!

Rabie Alkamouchi says:

This guy is i scam hy tinks bitcoin go to 5000 doller bitcoin never go onder 5800 doller

Faith Trader says:

Keep up the good work crypto trader

Michael McGuire says:

Rothschild way

Handy Rams says:

When institutions entered crypto, they shorted. The next bull market will see trillions in crypto market cap.

John Wijnberg says:

Great to have such stunning and intelligent woman in crypto …great show

Moorsc0de says:

Not impressed.. good thing to know Israel is not as innovate as I thought lol.

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