EOS Leading the Way in a New Blockchain World

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RupluttajaGames says:

Vitalik has ego issues, he can't handle being number two.

In Mexico says:

If we ever get a wallet that is high tech and easy to use that will do everything related to EOS, then we have a real winner. The fact that we still don't have a good working wallet that is easy to use that does everything related to EOS, is the only thing holding it back, including the price. Any updates on the wallet Dan Larimer was working on? We sure need it. Thanks Kent.

vulcanbreeze says:

Very interesting, thanks Kent

desMEGA says:

Bitfinex has the most vested interest in making EOS as successful as possible to generate as much revenue as possible. This is the concept of aligned interests.

Vitalik does not understand this. He's bitter and his ego is playing defense because EOS > Ethereum

Marc Wright says:

Hi folks , I was finally able to sell off the last of all my shit coins EOS and BTC , and let me tell you what a fuckn headache that was , nobody wants this junk anymore, when I finally did get rid of this shit my headache vanished, I’ve been holding out hope in this space since 2015 but I’ve come to the realization it’s on the down side and never gonna be much more than the hype it has been from day 1 until it’s death .

ante martic says:

Look man it's clear big holders choose producers not us. But that's problem which can't be resolved maybe it should be like that. Look worbli they will give up to 40k max they think there will not be whales. But there would be some guys will be selling and others will be buying so again there would be whales same as on eos. Situation with eos is ok there is no solution for that.

Hector Gonzalez says:

Hi Kent. I am very surprised you are not doing a video about the universal basic income idea. Please, do it. I am a big fan of your very educational videos.

Michael Alpine says:

Vitalek is getting more and more bitter as he sees the handwriting on the wall…eos is going to beat etherium.

MrMickey says:

I always look forward to these videos daily, thanks!

Simon John says:

Every day another video, every day another day closer to the party… Keep it up Kent!

Lee Beuzeval says:

Great content again. Thanx Kent

Norm Bolduc says:

Hats off to you Kent. Being a Baby-Boomer like yourself getting involved with EOS and modern times and understanding the revolutionary business and monutary movement we are currently living in. My Father is in his 70's and has never touched a computer in his life, to stubborn to even try and fears to make a mistake.

F VE says:

Eyal Hertzog's arguments why EOS isn't centralized: "If it's forkable, then it can never be controlled by any single or group of entities. This is what decentralization means. This is why open source is uncontrollable (and so successful) – it can be easily forked, and the product that works best to the maximum number of users wins."

Topher Kety says:

Think Vitalik needs to focus on the issues of ETH. He is a smart guy but losing ground to EOS. Maybe he should build his own bridge rather than trying to pull EOS down. Great days ahead! Another great video Kent!

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