Litecoin SMS Payments – Blockchain Surviving the Crash! – Let’s Adopt Crypto

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Litecoin great again? Lessons from Roku

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Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member!

Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!

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Andy Raman says:

I am here, happy about DCTV true decentralizing may be other country men join future 🔮

G L says:

Don't sweat the neg comments! YOU most definitely add value to the DEC TV Brand!

Adam Wallace says:

That's really cool! Thank you for making this!

always new says:

your Asoome man don't worry about that comment keep going forward

Jackal 007 says:

ETH ONT EOS and ZCASh better options than LTC

IRIA says:

Shut the fuck up and say something. over a minute in and you're still not saying shit. petuhhhhs only the best thing since sliced bread because he doesn't waste ppls time. POWERFUL LTC!

The Cryptonaut says:

I also started posting videos on another crypto channel, so I understand the hate you get from their community when you start. Just know they will get used to it, some may unsub, but screw em, most people enjoy having more content available when they want it! Great vid 🙂

sheldon Duncan says:

good job i like the way you keep it interesting…. Almost like Petaaa

Dan Kryling says:

You rocked it man! Keep it up.

B Money says:

Good info keep up the good work. I'm enjoying all the different contributors.

LifeSizeBox says:

Great info here! is a solid project, I did a short interview with them. It’s on my channel, live from the Litecoin Summit. Thanks for sharing!

Ervin Bryant says:

Litecoin forever

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