‘The Blackness’: Erika Alexander Is Using Blockchain To Power Black Media

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Erika Alexander, known for her role as Max in “Living Single” spoke with Roland Martin on Thursday about how her company, Color Farm Media is using blockchain technology to power Black media and long-form investigative journalism.

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Danielle Johnson says:

She is so beautiful! !!!!!

JAZZLlFE says:

Hollywood has slept bigtime on Erika Alexander. So beautiful and extremely talented and an activist to boot!

Teisha Bee says:

I hope her platform becomes successful. I love her and everything she touches.

Illegal Humanity says:

The older she get the more beautiful she becomes. That skin is flawless! !

aws21st says:

I luv intelligent well- rounded black women.

Jerel Boza says:

She's still fine, also she's written quite a few comic books.

Albert Teac says:

This sister stay glowing it like she getting better with age.

Darylifill Ifill says:

Erika Alexander is One of the Most Gorgeous Women Stepping

Stevie J says:

Love roland martin i just hate he be on that democratic bulshit

Stevie J says:

She lookin very delicious

Kmemu Ka says:

omg, she looks absolutely amazing.

devildham says:

Still as fine as she was on the Cosby Show….damn!!!

Robb Payne says:

This is a good idea. We need 24 hour black news covering business, sports, international black entertainment politics, and talk shows around economic empowerment, CONTENT IS KING, WE ARE CONTENT!!

Htown Lifer says:

Black dont crack….Ima Witness, again

Denise Mitchell says:

Gray luv
oh okay but why did she skip.the reunion

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