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Make sure you confirm your email otherwise you wont find out whether you've been selected as a winner or not!


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$1000 worth of Crypto

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How it works

By joining CTN's treasure hunt you will be completing tasks such as:

  • Following CTN on social media.
  • Promoting CTN's content across multiple social media channels.
  • Engaging and encouraging conversations across our different social media platforms.

In exchange, CTN will reward participants with amazing prizes such as: 

  • $1000 worth of crypto 
    • One grand prize of $500
    • One second prize of $250
    • Five prizes of $50
  • Free memberships to pro-exclusive CTN content
  • Free cryptocurrency books
  • Free crypto merchandise
  • Much more!


How do I earn points?

First things first - you must confirm your email address after signing up. Every time new tasks are added in to the contest we notify everyone who has confirmed their email. If you don't confirm your email we wont be able to notify you if we add in new tasks to the contest.

Second - Share your referral link. Get as many of your friends and acquaintances on boarded! For every referral that confirms their email address you will get 1000 points.

Last but not least - Complete all tasks! The more tasks you complete the more points you'll have and the higher your odds will be of being selected as a winner.

When are winners selected?

Winners will be chosen sometime between the 1st and the 5th of every month.

How are winners selected?

Winners are picked by Vyper randomly. Vyper leverages and takes into account the amount of stakes that each participant has earned though. Hence, the more stakes you have the higher chances you have of being selected a winner.

I've been disqualified for cheating. Now what?

If you're caught cheating you will be disqualified and banned permanently from our treasure hunt. We audit every single account before distributing prizes to ensure that participants haven't cheated.

Can someone be selected a winner more than once?

Yes, you can participate as many times as you want.

Will stakes get carried on to next month's contest?

No. At the end of each month everyone's stakes get reset so that everyone has a fair chance of earning prizes.

Which cryptos do you give away?

They vary each month. We've given out anything from BTC, to ETH to other altcoins that we consider promising.

How many memberships do you give away each month?

This depends on the rate of participation. The more people that join the more memberships and books we give away.

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