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Anchorage Acquires Merkle Data

by Pragati Shrivastava
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No, we’re not talking about Alaska. Anchorage is a San-Francisco based firm providing its institutional custody services since 2017. Anchorage’s rivals are BitGo, Fidelity and Bakkt, to give you a clue what they do. They specialize in allowing investors to safely hold and use digital assets. The firm is also a founding member of the Libra Association, an independent not-for-profit group responsible for the operation and governance of the Libra network.

The firm joined the Blockchain Association and Crypto Rating Council that consists of the leading crypto businesses committed to practical compliance with the U.S. securities laws. Back in mid 2019, they announced support for multiple currencies like XLM, XTZ. Anchorage has been providing integrated custody and institutional brokerage through its agency-only OTC desk.

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Recently, there has been an exciting update. Anchorage is launching crypto brokerage service Anchorage Trading that offers numerous features to its clients. The company recently made an acquisition and purchased Merkle Data, a provider of risk management and analytics software.

Anchorage has planned this expansion since mid 2019 and this is improving its existing suite of services.

Crypto brokerage services are now extending from a basic necessity for traders to security. The firm has introduced a brokerage integrated with custody. Now institutional investors can directly use Anchorage to purchase assets and sell them, without the need of dealing with multiple venues or moving assets between different third party addresses. This eliminates the need for an escrow and reduces the cost of the transaction as well.

Anchorage’s clients used to traditionally go through the process of buying assets, depositing them in custody, taking them out first to sell. Now Anchorage can take care of this in a single click. Anchorage is also providing support and access to broad liquidity from a single account.

Institutional investors are deriving value from Anchorage and now it’s getting easy to trade with the single click facility. This is a unique offering from Anchorage. Trading directly from custody has been a critical need and Anchorage has offered it.

There is enough safety and trust between the firms availing its services. Despite the fact that trading is not Anchorage’s primary business, it now has the advantage to offer the same to clients. Merkle Data’s purpose is also similar to Anchorage, working towards a safer and more accessible economy, strengthened by institutional investment. Anchorage is busy building more solutions for institutional investors.

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