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Mark Cuban on Why We Need Robotics and A.I. to Bring Manufacturing Back to the United States

by Icosuccess

Anthony Pompliano 0:00
And we’re getting a bunch of monetary policy decisions that, you know, some are good, some are bad kind of what’s your general take on just what’s already been decided and kind of what you think we need to do moving forward monetary policy.

Mark Cuban 0:11
So I, you know, I don’t want to throw people under the bus because, you know, the reality is, it’s, it’s easy, because there are no great decisions right now. Because we don’t have good information about anything, you know, but there’s a whole lot of things that we’re going to have to redo, we’re gonna have to redo healthcare. And it’s not just about how we pay for it. It’s about how we cost it. You know, I did a lot with health care before all this hit.

And if you look, if you talk to hospitals, they don’t know what their costs are, how much to fix that broken arm from that kid in the ER. They don’t know, you know how much for that hip replacement. They don’t know. But yet now there’s so much dislocation and disruption because the cobit and they’re going to need so much funding. When we give them that funding, we’re going to have to require some things back.

And part of that is going to be you know, you’re not building you’re not having the piano player. You’re not having the artwork, right, you’re doing it so that when somebody needs to Come in and get primary care, they can afford it. Because how you how you invest in what you the care you offer, the fines, how much you charge. And so all that’s going to change, you know how we tax is going to have to change.

And it’s not just about tax anymore, I’m fine with that, and always have been, but you know, there’s going to be so much forbearance of tax revenue, there’s going to be such a reduction in tax revenue, we’re going to have to give serious consideration to things like a robotics tax. You know, if you’ve got a job that could be done by an individual and you’re paying a robot $25 an hour to weld, then let’s hit that with the same 12.4 12.6 I forget for the Social Security tax, you know, and let’s take 9% of that and put it into social security in the Treasury fund.

And let’s put three point whatever percent into investing into robotics research for the country, because we don’t lead the world in robotics, whether software or manufacturing of robots. You know, we’re behind Germany, we’re behind Japan. We’re behind China. And the only way we’re going to bring back jobs and the only way we’re going to bring back manufacturing from overseas, no matter what country is, whether it’s Asian, Mexico, whatever it is, is through robotics.

We’re going to have to out engineer we’re going to have to out innovate those manufacturing alternatives that are less expensive because of lower payrolls and, and less climate restrictions and all those things, right. We’re gonna have to work on robotics to bring all that manufacturing back, work on battery life, work on manual dexterity work on the software, because if we can do that and lead the world, we can get that manufacturing back.

It won’t be America of manufacturing 1.0 with assembly lines, and people sewing, but all the inherent jobs that come with dominating worldwide manufacturing, whether it’s support, maintenance, monitoring, you know, software, whatever it may be, the aggregate employment would be much higher, and the pay will be much higher even for people with not defined skills, then it would be just trying to recreate manufacturing 1.0. You know, I think we tax cloud computing, because that’s where AI resides and AI is not going anywhere.

That it you know, it’s so it’s expensive for small companies to use cloud computing right now, that’s a different issue. But for the large scale applications and processes, um, I don’t think will hurt any, any advances by taxing cloud computing at one or 2%. So that’s a long answer, but you asked

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