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Did NASA Find a Habitable Planet?

by Alan Daniel
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Space is endlessly intriguing and exciting. What could be more exciting than learning about another habitable planet? NASA satellites just picked up on an earth-like habitable planet that may allow for “liquid water” on the surface of the planet.

As noted by TechCrunch, the Space Agency, NASA, utilized the Spitzer Space Telescope to stumble upon TOI 700D.

A participant in the program notes “planets around nearby stars are easiest to follow-up with larger telescopes in space and on Earth. Discovering TOI 700 d is a key science finding for TESS. Confirming the planet’s size and habitable zone status with Spitzer is another win for Spitzer as it approaches the end of science operations this January.“

That’s a win for humanity. We can learn more about these planets and find ways to connect to them over time feasibly.

The issue with this particular star or planet is the distance it takes to get there. Reports state that the TOI 700D is“over 100 light-years away”. Remember that one light-year is equal to 5.8 trillion miles, so you can only imagine how far 100 light-years might be.

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Is Space Exploration a Necessity Over Luxury?

Space Exploration is a necessity as it allows us to learn more about other planets and the possibilities that exist nearby. Further, it makes for further research and development that could bring about fascinating innovations that solve different problems.

The critical question is space exploration as much about the pursuit of discovery as it is planning for long-term survival?

There are several schools of thought on the matter.

Issues Facing Humanity

We have a couple of items to worry about, such as which cryptocurrency will moon, which one will go bust, and other essential matters.

Looming issues like climate change are one that many may debate. Still, other factors such as droughts, pollution, lack of clean water access, economic expansion, and other problems that plague life on this planet are real concrete issues and points of concern.

Further, if consistent strife occurs due to finite resources in a world of growing demand, expanding to other similar “pale blue dots” will be of grave importance.

CryptoTraderNews has noted the growth of interest in space by the government with Space Force and by the private sector with companies such as SpaceX, and Blue Origin.

The space sector is slowly expanding and becoming a critical part of the economy and our daily lives. From satellite launches to commercial space tourism, as planned by Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, interest in space and activity outside of the Earth is just starting.

There’s No Place Like Planet Earth

For now, scientists will likely state that there’s no better alternative for humanity than planet Earth. Scientists contend that instead of finding other planets to live on, we will probably find resources from other planets and import these resources to Earth.

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