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Which Stock Should You Buy: Apple or Microsoft?
Both Apple Inc and Microsoft Corp stock prices are currently in a strong bullish trend, setting consecutive bullish closing candlesticks[...]
Overview of Tesla (TSLA) Stock and Potential Market Correction Indicators
Let’s take a look at Tesla stock and whether the trend indicates a correction or price movement in the up[...]
Can Libra Survive In Spite of the Facebook Connection?
It seems that the Libra project has been in big trouble for a few months, and there are plenty of[...]
Is Ethereum a Good Buy Right Now?
If you’ve been watching the cryptocurrency markets then you’ll know there’s a buzz of excitement (and a little trepidation) in[...]
What is Sablier?
2019 was a productive year for the dApp industry. In the last two months of 2019, the highest number of[...]
Stellar: A 2019 Market Analysis
From the breakdown of hidden bullish accumulation on November 1, 2018, the price moved from $0.15890000 to $0.051611400 for a[...]
Numerai (NMR) and Understanding Erasure
Making a bet on the crypto or stock market swings is often considered a form of gambling and we all[...]
How To Understand Risk in Crypto
Cryptocurrencies have become mainstream in the past two years and they have easily outpaced the gains of many other assets.[...]
5 Crypto Money Tips to Help You Earn in 2020
Are there practical tips a cryptocurrency trader should know about that could earn him a sizable income? How does being[...]
XAU Gold: A 2019 Market Analysis
We’re closing out the first full week of 2020 and it seems like a good time to check our six[...]
What You Need To Know About Unchained Capital
In March 2019, Unchained Capital launched a Bitcoin multisig vault platform that offers self-custody with the benefits of a managed[...]
Bitcoin Breaking the $8K Round-number Resistance
Following a prolonged correction phase of the BTCUSD from the second quarter of 2019 to date, traders and Bitcoin enthusiasts[...]

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Are You Trying Too Hard to Predict the Markets?
One of the most prevalent fears people have is the fear of uncertainty - the fear of tomorrow and the[...]
Overcoming FOMO
Fear. Anxiety. Stress. Impatience. Agitation. Suspense. Live dangerously. Go for broke. Chances are, if you’ve felt any of these emotions[...]
Earn Interest Through Bitcoin Savings Account
A popular way of generating passive income through cryptocurrencies is earning interest on holding Bitcoin for the long-term. In this[...]
10 Ways to Generate Passive Income With Cryptocurrencies
Most cryptocurrency traders believe that the only way to generate income from cryptocurrencies is through trading. However, this is not[...]
Stages of a Market and Parallels in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
In the following article, I’m going to share some of the stages of a market and its parallels in cryptocurrency[...]
Protect Your Computer From Cryptojacking
Cryptojacking might be new terminology, but where there is opportunity, there will inevitably be bad elements that follow. Cryptojacking is[...]
Choosing Your First Trading Strategy
No one comes out of the gate a professional trader. No one. So when it comes to developing a plan[...]
Breaking Bad Trading Habits
Success in any kind of trading, including cryptocurrency, mainly depends on three factors: mastering a good trading plan, approaching the[...]
All-In-One Coins Explained
The crypto market has been extremely volatile in 2019 and although a lot of people managed to make fortunes from[...]
What are Distressed Debt Markets?
There was a time when distressed debt markets were known as “vulture markets”, bringing negative images and perception of investing[...]
How To Manage A Winning Trade
Imagine, for a moment, that you’ve done the market analysis and you’ve entered your trade in the sweet spot; it’s[...]
Rules For Scaling Into A Trade
This article addresses scaling into a trade; what it is, and the four golden rules for scaling into a trade[...]

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