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Bizz and BlocPal Announce Strategic Partnership

by Icosuccess

BlocPal and Bizz have formalized a strategic partnership that will allow both companies to expand their global reach. Bizz, the world’s most participatory social messaging app, will join forces with BlocPal, one of Canada’s most promising fintech startups to build Bizzonomy – a global participatory economy. The agreement was signed between Nick Mellios, CEO of BlocPal and Dennis Lewis, CEO of Green Light Digital on October 26th, 2019.

Bizz is a social messaging app that surpasses the functionality of older messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Messenger. Thanks to its unlimited private, secure and open groups, RADAR location-based messaging and advanced 4K video streaming users can enjoy best-of-class social functionality without the snooping eyes of Silicon-Valley behemoths. “At Bizz we believe that people aren’t products to be sold at auction. Our vision is to create a global participatory economy where each and every user shares in the prosperity created by the community. And now, thanks to our partnership with BlocPal, we have the technological platform to make that vision a reality.” explained Lewis.

BlocPal is a Vancouver-based fintech company dedicated to providing users a seamless financial platform that perfectly integrates new digital currencies alongside traditional fiat currencies. Their blockchain-powered infrastructure is capable of handling thousands of transactions per second, while providing a secure and easy-to-use user experience. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Bizz as it expands all around the globe. We see this partnership as an opportunity to provide financial services to individuals and businesses of all sizes.” stated Mellios.

The partnership will allow Bizz users to operate with over 80 fiat currencies including USD, CAD and EUR, Bitcoin and all major digital currencies. The platform supports payouts and withdrawals in 120 countries, 15,000 financial institutions and 350,000 cash pickup locations. Thanks to the affordable and blazingly fast transaction speeds, Bizz will be able to incorporate realtime participatory functionality into its blockchain-enabled social messaging app.

About Bizz
Bizz is a next-generation social messaging service that acts as an all-in-one digital ecosphere, bringing businesses, government agencies, friends and families together from all over the world to a fully-immersive social platform. Discover for yourself just how innovative Bizz is by downloading the app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

About BlocPal
BlocPal’s vision is to provide the world a simple, fast, and secure digital transaction platform that allows anyone to transact in their currency or asset of choice. A leader in the emerging digital economy, BlocPal empowers consumers, merchants, and enterprise customers to participate now in this digital economy which includes cryptocurrency. At the core of BlocPal’s service is its decentralized blockchain transaction technology, which enables any currency or asset to be digitally signed and traded while complying with financial regulations.

With its suite of applications, BlocPal’s ecosystem supports a range of solutions for point-of-sale, e-commerce, white label enterprise solutions, loyalty rewards, financial network integrations and robust consumer digital wallets.

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