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How Do You Earn BNB Interest Through a Savings Account?

by Tony Lewis

If you want to earn from your Binance coin holdings, you can decide to trade with it to make some capital gains, or you can choose to earn interest on BNB by investing your coins in a savings account. The best thing about depositing your BNB in an interest-earning savings account is that it has a better annual percentage return (APR) than the rates most banks pay you on your savings accounts.

Would you believe that your BNB could generate up to 3% APR with compound interest? This is a pretty good rate of return and better than you will find with many other investment options If you deposit BNB and other cryptos with some of the best crypto lending platforms such as YouHodler, you get interest payouts weekly. The Binance coin interest is paid in BNB, and you can then withdraw it. You also have the flexibility of removing your BNB principal deposit at any time you wish without any restrictions.

Ways in which you can earn BNB interest

Typically, you can earn BNB interest once you deposit your cryptocurrency into a platform’s savings account. There are two main ways you can make Binance coin interest. You can choose to earn by depositing your BNB on a flexible basis, or you can choose to lock in your Binance coins on a platform for a fixed duration.

If you choose to lock your Binance coins away for a fixed period, you will enjoy a higher interest rate. This deposit option is similar to a fixed deposit account or a savings bond when opening conventional savings at the bank. The option does not allow you to redeem your coins until the defined duration is over.

On the other hand, you can earn BNB interest by depositing your coins into a flexible savings account. You enjoy earnings as long as you keep your crypto assets in the account, and you can withdraw the assets at any time, so they are 100% liquid.

How to earn free BNB coins

If you are reading this, then the chances are that you are looking for the best way to earn BNB interest from your savings account. Fortunately, we can suggest one of the best crypto savings accounts. You can earn BNB with your YouHodler savings account if you sign up for the account. The platform values customer convenience and satisfaction, so they give you everything you need in a straightforward manner.

So, you can increase your BNB coin holding when you have a free BNB earning savings account with YouHodler, which does not require you to deposit so much because the minimum deposit is just 50 BNB. You also withdraw your coins almost at no charge because YouHodler has no withdrawal penalties, and the fee is so low. Furthermore, you have 24/7 access to your coins because, unlike conventional banks, YouHodler operates round the clock.

Why should you choose to earn BNB coin savings?

Among the many crypto coin options, the BNB coin stands out as a unique coin on the market. It has recorded a steady rise and is still very promising. As the native token of the Binance trading platform, the BNB coin has gained a loyal following that enables it to play a crucial role in the development of the Binance DEX platforms — hence the rise of the coin.

You can get good returns if you hold the coin, but keeping it in your YouHodler wallet assures you of an even better return as you earn BNB interest with a YouHodler BNB savings account.

Also, you can get the YouHodler Crypto Wallet App which allows you to store, spend and exchange 18 cryptocurrencies and seven stable coins. You stand to gain from this BNB earning app by getting more BNB coins as interest on your deposit and access to enjoy loans, easy transactions, and safe storage.


You can let your BNB coin work for you as you earn BNB interest hence growing your crypto holding. All you need is to sign up for a BNB savings account and watch your earnings come through.

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