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10 Amazing Crypto Apps for February 2019

by Alan Daniel

Thanks to the various mobile apps developed by the cryptocurrency community, you no longer have to know how to make your way through a blockchain to check your digital assets, delve into trading or transfer funds to someone.

With mobile apps becoming an essential part of everyday crypto management, here is a list of the Top 10 Crypto Apps for February 2019.

1. Cash App

Available on iOS and Android

Created by Square Inc, and run by @Jack, a strong believer in bitcoin as the internet’s native currency. Cash App, is one app to get today.

Cash App makes it simple to send and receive fiat money, save money through Cash Boost and buy and sell bitcoin right through the Cash application. Feel free to send bitcoin from your Cash App to third party wallets.

Cash app is easy to use, and comes with safety features such as top level encryption, and fraud protection.

2. Status

Available on iOS and Android and Desktop App

Status provides you with the ability to conduct encrypted messaging individually and collectively, to browse a host of Ethereum dapps and to send and receive ETH in a decentralized fashion.

The team at Status continue to ship and meet their roadmap projections, as such, more features are expected to be rolled out over time. Status is definitely one application to have and watch as the industry progresses.

3. Blockchain (formerly Blockchain.info)

Available on iOS and Android

Blockchain has been a popular “block explorer”, which allowed you to see the transaction history of a multitude of blockchains. Its mobile app not only lets you do that, but also allows you to store your digital assets in its wallet. It also offers cryptocurrency trading right from the app.

It is a great app to have if you are only starting in the cryptocurrency industry and want something other than Coinbase.

4. Mycelium

Available on iOS and Android

For a mobile wallet, not many apps are considered as secure as Mycelium. While it only allows you to store bitcoin through its digital wallet, Mycelium also has a state of the art “cold storage” feature, which lets you save your assets in disconnected virtual vault where hackers can never reach them.

The app should be on the list of those who want to have full control and security over their digital wealth.

5. Blockfolio

Available on iOS and Android

Blockfolio is an asset management app. It lets you keep track of the value of various cryptocurrencies by drawing their prices from various exchanges.

Be aware of the various dips and highs of the cryptocurrency market and make proper trading decisions.

6. Cryptonator

Available on iOS and Android

Cryptonator is another “wallet” app that lets you keep your different cryptocurrencies safe through its interface. It has a clean and crisp visual interface with many added features.

With its visual cues and built-in exchange, it is certainly one of the top contenders in the wallet app category.

7. Abra

Available on iOS and Android

Abra is another exchange and wallet app, but it differs from the others due to its vast list of offerings in accepted deposit/payment methods. It also offers one very distinct feature of being able to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies through its BIT10 token.

The app allows you to keep your cryptocurrencies safe while also being able to buy any assets right through it.

8. Robinhood

Available on iOS and Android

Robinhood is a very popular asset management and purchase application. Until 2018, it only offered investments in conventional assets, but has since also provided the option for cryptocurrency investments.

It is a great app for those who are transitioning from conventional assets, or those who want a mix of options between orthodox and digital investments (it is currently available in select U.S. states).

9. Binance

Available on iOS and Android

As one of the most popular exchanges in the world, Binance has become synonymous with cryptocurrency trading. Its app lets you delve into the world of digital assets in a very easy to navigate interface.

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies listed under its portfolio with a wallet application to boot, it is a very good option for beginner and experienced traders alike.

10. Tab Trader

Available on iOS and Android

Tab Trader is an essential app to have for anyone who wants to have multiple options while selling and buying digital assets. It draws prices from various exchanges and lets you select the best option based on your needs.

It is essentially does the work of multiple apps in one, which makes it a very important tool in any crypto trader’s mobile device.

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