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Robert Kiyosaki on the Failures of Traditional Education and Importance of Independent Learning

by Icosuccess

Anthony Pompliano 0:00
So one of the things that you’ve done a fantastic job, I think teaching people over the years is how money in the economy works, right everything from the cashflow quadrant of just get the hell out of the left side and get on the right side of the thing, etc. You’ve literally educated millions of people. For those that don’t understand it. The stimulus, I think, is, there’s two components to it that cracked me up, right, and I want your opinion.

So the first is the 1200 dollar check. I just call that that’s the bribe. That’s the bribe for social to avoid social unrest. So we’re gonna give you guys 1200 bucks, everybody Shut up, and you know, we’re trying to help you. And if things get really bad, we basically give you 1200 dollars and you’re good, which isn’t actually helpful to majority of people.

Right. But then you also get the stimulus to the corporations, which you know, you’ve highlighted it’s just socialism for corporations or socialism for the rich. So maybe talk a little bit about what exactly you mean by socialism for corporations or for the rich?

Robert Kiyosaki 0:57
Well, I think there’s a there’s a great book. It’s a picture book but you know, got the book is called the creature from Jekyll Island by my friend to read Griffith and this is I think it’s a 1990s this book came out and he wrote in there, bailout is the name of the game. So the feds only purpose and the Fed is not a bank. It’s a cartel owned by the richest people in the planet which we’ll never see there. And there this guy grudge This is Buckminster Fuller.

Grunch stands for gross universal cashless. So the guys that own the fig, control the world not the fit, but they control the world. So once you understand that you go Okay, now I’d better start doing something different. So what the Fed what the creature does, it drops the world into this crisis. A pendant pendant pandemic is probably real. But then you get so desperate you’ll take the money It’s communism.

Yeah, see what happens what Edward Griffin says in a creature from Jekyll Island was that when Marx attempted to bring communism to America, the problem was, Americans are too tough. The American spirit is too strong. So what Griffin is saying here, what the what whoever what fuller calls garage had to do or Marx had to do was introduce socialism first. So the way you introduce socialism is called Social Security and all that they have is crisis’s.

The depression you know 911 this one over here and people get so desperate records of saying the same thing you know, the road to rolling and all that. We get so desperate, we’ll take anything and so they’re gonna give you this thousand dollar check to but first have to bust your spirit. And that’s how I was saying to my friend you know, send your kid even to the coast guard me do something Get up, grow up. So you get so desperate you take that check.

Next stop is communism. So he goes capitalism, socialism, communism, and you can see it right now because they’re gonna bail Boeing out, guess what? The feds gonna take part ownership of Boeing. That’s communism. You’ll study economics idiots out there I mean, that’s communism so that Buster spirits Oh 1200 dollars from the government because I don’t have a job. Well, that’s the that’s the same exact number that did in Hong Kong not too long ago, you guys were rioting in the streets.

They gave 1200 dollars also. And this book ranch by Bucky Fuller, gross universal cash is the VR money, all systems. That’s why there’s no financial education in schools. And that’s why today I’m doing better than ever. I’m Making money hand over fist. You know, my biggest problems. I can’t get enough inventory my cash flow game. It’s a good problem not complaining. But we have to pay extra airfare to men. Not stuff like this stuff. But it’s a good problem, but we were prepared for it. Yeah. When he went to school you’re not.

Anthony Pompliano 4:18
Yeah, I think part of what you’re really highlighting here is this whole idea that anytime a crisis occurs, it’s an opportunity to grab civil liberties, personal freedom and also economically and the part to me that I don’t understand why people are missing this but but I think you’ve done a great job highlighting it is the socialism for the rich and the corporation’s that’s going to happen whether you and I like it or not, it’s going to happen and so that’s just you know what it is, but the cost for the bottom 50% of Americans when they when the stimulus occurs, right that the devaluation of the currency, and kind of all of the things that I think the gold bugs and the bitcoiners have been yelling and screaming about for years.

It’s here. It’s happening right before our eyes. And the sad part is that the people who get hurt the most are the people who are the most vulnerable, right? The people who actually need the most help, they get hurt, because they’re sitting in cash, they have no real assets. They’re getting paid, you know, hourly wages that aren’t adjusted for inflation, etc. And there’s nothing they can really do other than educate themselves, which is what you spent the last year 20 something plus years doing for people, I think,

Robert Kiyosaki 5:26
Well, look, look at the worst part about it, too. They send their kids to college or universities, and they load up the student loan debt. And that that occurred in 2009. You know, when Obama took, he basically said to the banks, look, you lend these kids all this money, and the Fed, the Treasury will back them up. And now those kids are desperate. That’s why that’s why I wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad back in 97. I created my cash flow board game It says, our schools don’t teach us anything about money.

But that’s what This book was here in graduates, giants. It’s not an accident. Grab stands for gross universal caches, and we can see it today. That’s what this book is saying we’d like we’re shifting from capitalism. To socialism, you have Bernie Sanders and AOC and the rest of those cartoons running. And then when they bail out balling, which is in trouble anyway, but they’re gonna take a percentage ownership.

So yes, it goes from capitalism, socialism, communism. And that’s what this guy was saying. That’s what creature from saying, and that’s what Rickards is saying, and the road to ruin. This is not a mistake. And we’ve been warning people all these years, and they still send our kids to college and learn nothing about money, but they learned that fragile

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