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5 Recommended EOS Wallets

by Meredith Loughran

EOS might be a cryptocurrency that you want to keep an eye on because the development of apps, integrated wallets, and cross-chain initiatives are being launched in a tidal wave of innovation, games, information and networking. To participate in this exciting network of apps, you need to have an EOS wallet, so here’s a list of five recommended wallets for you to explore and use.

One important thing to note is that your EOS username is your wallet address. This is not the same as your public and private keys, but rather how you can easily transfer funds from one user to another. Your EOS username must be exactly 12 characters long using the letters a – z and numbers 1 – 5, so if you’re planning on creating a new account, keep that in mind.

Recommended Wallets


Scatter states that it connects applications on the EOS, Ethereum and TRON blockchains; allows for easy token exchanges, and helps manage assets in a safe and secure environment. Like EOS Lynx, there is a built-in token exchange and a huge list of dApps available.

The token panel has a groundbreaking Stabilize tool, which allows users to swap tokens for a stable coin of equal value. This means that you can ride out any market volatility and then swap back when you’re ready. Scatter is also compatible with hardware wallets like the Nano Ledger.

EOS Lynx

According to their site, “EOS Lynx is the first cryptocurrency wallet built for the everyday consumer.” It also has a built-in decentralized token exchange. Available on iOS, GooglePlay, and desktop, the interface is very user friendly and painless to set up, whether you are creating a new account or importing an existing one. The explore button brings up a dApp explorer which is very easy to navigate and new dApps are constantly being added.

Transferring funds or signing transactions is inexpensive and lightning quick; much faster than other blockchain crypto wallets.


SimplEOS is solely made for the EOS ecosystem with full integration with all features available in the EOS.IO software platform. Transparency and security is the philosophy of SimplEOS, so you will find it open sourced on GitHub so it can be audited by the community.

This wallet features airdrop support, a voting portal, multi-account support, token transfers, and multi-chain support with EOS, TELOS, and BOS mainnet and testnet. Currently version 0.7.3 is in beta for some dApps integration. Your private keys are never stored online so securing one’s keys locally is the only option.

This wallet was developed by EOSRIO


Even though SQRL was designed to be a light wallet for the TELOS blockchain, it is being mentioned because it is a multi purpose, fully functional, application which can connect to a remote EOSIO API endpoint. In layman’s terms, it is a fork of the EOS network, created from an EOS genesis snapshot and modified for things like governance and safety protocols.

The EOS/Telos system strives to bring multiple DPoS chains together through bridge chains to enhance speed and maintain decentralized value and information for greater security.


Designed to be secure Freewallet claims that approximately 90% of users fail to create a backup of their private keys or mnemonic phrase, which is why Freewallet is designed where backup wallets are not required. Access to your account may be done through an Android or iOS device and the majority of funds are in cold storage and offline to ensure its safety. While Freewallet supports many other cryptocurrencies, EOS is currently only available on Android devices.


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