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Bitcoin Gaming with Lightnite

by Alan Daniel

There’s always something new and fascinating in crypto land, snooze for a minute, and you might lose out on gains or a fantastic event. The latest trend is in cryptocurrency is gaming.

We didn’t see as much of its activity in the bitcoin sphere. But it seems that a few members of the community have been working behind the scenes and creating something potentially fantastic, Lightnite.

Lightnite is one instance of how development is going on and can continue to spur on further BTC adoption. The creators have to make it in a manner that entrances gamers, similar to games like Fortnite, the World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty. With that, let us see if Lightnite can move the needle with blockchain-based games.

Introducing Lightnite

Lightnite is a multiplayer game set to take place via the Bitcoin Lightning Network, thanks to the producers, Satoshis.Games. Lightnite will help players to earn and spend bitcoin by mere gaming. Thanks to Lightning Network, we can open up more use cases and unlock value by utilizing micro-transactions.

Of course, gaming is perfect for the Lightning Network, with its many different micro-economies and opportunities for purchases and sales.

Satoshis.games notes that this is a bitcoin integrated battle royale game and that the premise is that as players participate, earn points, and receive equivalent bitcoins in their respective wallets.

Lightnite is an online multiplayer battle royale game where every specific digital interaction between players triggers a monetary reward or penalty. In simple words, players earn bitcoin by shooting other players and lose bitcoin when they get shot,” commented the Satoshi.Games team.

Cryptocurrency Gaming Needs Rejuvenation

We haven’t seen much excitement within the cryptocurrency or blockchain-based gaming world since Cryptokitties. The sector has been rife with gambling games, and trading games that have peaked. There are other games in development such as Splinterlands, formerly SteemMonsters, and Ethereum based Gods Unchained, which are both competitive card games that takes lessons from other games like Hearthstone and Faeria but Ligthnite might serve as a breath of fresh air and help to create more incentives, draw in more talent, and develop further value in the cryptocurrency sector.

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