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Bizz Announces Its International Master Franchise/License Program

by Brandon Harville

Bizz, the world’s first business-friendly 5G messaging service, is proud to announce its Master Franchise/License Program. Perfect for investors looking to capitalize on the next generation of social messaging technology, this program grants exclusive rights to license holders inside their designated region.

How Does the Master Franchise/License Program Work?

Bizz is currently the only messaging service already equipped with the necessary marketing and commerce tools needed to generate revenue online, making it the ideal platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Professionals using Bizz can:

  • Manage in-app storefronts capable of processing real-time transactions
  • Develop in-depth marketing and customer service campaigns
  • Design engaging advertisements using images, text, and 4K streaming/recorded video
  • Create and promote content using a multi-channel approach

This business-friendly approach makes Bizz the perfect platform for ecommerce and content creation, giving professionals access to all the various tools available on popular social media platforms under one easy-to-use app. As such, Bizz is positioned perfectly to become one of the top platforms for digital transactions, and the Master Franchise/License Program gives license holders 80% of all revenue generated in their designated region. That’s $800 out of every $1,000 generated from:

  • Individual franchise fees
  • Advertising and sponsorship revenue
  • Premium group purchases
  • Group management services
  • 4K media streaming
  • Exclusive rights to regionally-produced content by Footprint Media Holdings, Bizz’s parent company

What’s more, the Master Franchise/License Program comes with a number of other amazing benefits, including marketing and tech support, access to training and consulting programs, business development software, individual franchise agreements, and 20 hours each of 4K and 3D digital content—equaling a total of 40 hours combined.

More on the Bizz and the License Program

As Bizz continues to make waves in the global community, the company moves closer to its goal of becoming one of the top-five messenger platforms, joining the ranks of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Investors that wish to capitalize on this expansion through the Master Franchise/License Program must first meet a few small requirements to qualify. 

  • Holders must have a small regional office in the area assigned to the license
  • They must have a small marketing and sales team in place
  • They must pay a franchise/license fee

About Bizz: Bizz is a next-generation messaging service that acts as an all-in-one digital ecosphere, bringing businesses, government agencies, friends and families together from all over the world to a fully-immersive social platform. Discover for yourself just how innovative Bizz is by downloading the app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

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