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Bizz to Expand into Middle Eastern Market

by Brandon Harville

Bizz, the world’s most social messaging app, is excited to announce its upcoming expansion into the Middle Eastern Market, together with what this means for Middle Eastern investors interested in the next generation of online communication.

As the first 5G messaging service, Bizz offers a business-friendly platform that caters to the needs of individuals, corporations and entrepreneurs. Professionals in the Middle East can use Bizz’s innovative communication, business, and marketing tools to connect with customers around the region or the next town over. What’s more, Bizz’s innovative RADAR messaging service, which allows users to send messages based on geographical location, makes laser-targeted marketing campaigns easier than ever. Combine this with the platform’s support of in-app transactions and customer service campaigns, and it’s easy to see how Bizz stands to become one of the top-five messaging platforms in the next five years.

What Does This Mean for Middle Eastern Investors?

One of the most exciting features Bizz offers is its Master Franchise/License Program, which allows participants to earn 80% of all local revenue Bizz generates in the license holder’s region. This means that the license holder gets 80% of the revenue generated from:

  • Franchise fees
  • Revenue generated from advertising and sponsorship agreements
  • Fees associated with premium groups, including the initial purchase of the group
  • Group management services
  • Revenue generated from Bizz’s 4K media streaming services

On top of that, license holders also gain exclusive rights to local content produced by Bizz’s parent company, Footprint Media Holdings as well as becoming the local license holder for Bizz’s strategic partner, The Billionaire Society.

Bizz’s business-friendly approach makes the platform the only messaging service that caters to the unique needs of individuals, businesses and influencers. As such, Bizz stands to generate a lot of revenue as the platform continues to grow and more people use Bizz for their one-stop shop for digital content, virtual services, and online shopping.

“We have been flooded with requests from entrepreneurs across the Middle East who have recognized the enormous potential of the Bizz franchise program,” said Mohammed Al Salman, regional representative for Bizz. “Not only is there a pressing need for innovative new communications platforms like Bizz, but our business-friendly approach guarantees a very quick return on investment for franchisees. This is the moment to get in on the ground floor of an amazing opportunity. Not only is Bizz an incredible high tech opportunity, but the added benefit of becoming the regional representatives of The Billionaire Society make this offer truly special.”

Bizz is currently vetting a large number of top entrepreneurs and investors in the region who have requested franchises. At the moment, the team is still deciding whether it will offer one Master License for the whole region, or individual licenses for each participating country in the Middle East.

More on the Master License/Franchise Program

To participate in the Master License/Franchise Program, investors must:

  • Have a small regional office in the area where the license is valid
  • Establish a small team for marketing and sales within the region
  • Purchase a franchise/license fee

Learn more about Bizz and its exclusive Master License/Franchise Program by visiting the official website today.

About Bizz: Bizz is a next-generation messaging service that acts as an all-in-one digital ecosphere, bringing businesses, government agencies, friends and families together from all over the world to a fully-immersive social platform. Discover for yourself just how innovative Bizz is by downloading the app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

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