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Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction – April 9th, 2019

by Alan Daniel
, Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction – April 9th, 2019

The price forecast for this week in regard to Ripple (XRP) is neutral to bullish barring any moves downward by the leading digital asset bitcoin.

XRP is likely to stay within the current range over the course of this coming week. The coin has been on an upward trend, bolstered by the bitcoin and its run up in price. It is now moving forward from $0.34 and is on a bullish run. The current price of XRP is $0.35.

XRP is expected to still expected to stay within the current range of $0.30 to $0.40, the currency may rise if even more bullish sentiment comes back to the crypto market.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what the community or team behind Ripple and XRP have been up to over the past week.

Release the ILP
The InterLedger Protocol is one component that has been development traction as of late. The Interledger Protocol may provide additional value to XRP and Ripple because of its connection properties. The ILP is supposed to connect financial institutions, financial asset exchanges, transaction clearing entities, payment networks, and distributed ledgers. Interledger is said to act as an independent system.

Xpring leaders such as Vanessa Petritto hosted the ILP Summit on April 5th-April 6th in San Francisco. The team presented a few key projects and developments regarding ILP. The first major announcement was that of the fiat ILP connector, the second was that of the Puma browser, a privacy-oriented browser.

The first announcement indicates that there is a connector present within ILP which will exchange fiat currency for specific crypto assets. More details on the connector, the currency and cryptocurrencies are not available at this current time.

Coil and PumaBrowser can now be tested on iPhones and iPads. Coil is the Ripple community response to brave tokens and PumaBrowser is their response to Brave.

Tata Consulting Services Says Hello to Ripple
The global IT consulting behemoth has enabled Quartz Gateway, their blockchain solution, to connect with RippleNet. As such, companies may use Quartz Gateway to process remittance transactions via DLT payment-based systems such as RippleNet.

XRP is still not a clear part of the picture.

The Not So Good Ripple News

Grayscale Investment Group, a large scale crypto oriented financial institution has downsized its XRP exposure and has increased their LTC holdings.

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