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Top Altcoins under $10

by Syed Shoeb
Top Altcoins under $10

What’s the best cryptocurrency under $10 that you can invest in? This question has been on the mind of every crypto trader right before the Alts season. Bitcoin is currently trading at $9600 and the idea that alts season is about to set in is doing the rounds. The question is which altcoin will give the best returns in the next 2 years and in this article we’ll look at Top Altcoins under $10.

EOS – EOS.io is a software built on the Ethereum network (ERC-20) that promises to revolutionize blockchain technology. Its purpose is to solve most of the problems that are associated with the term “blockchain”. Challenges of using a Blockchain network are speed, flexibility and scalability. These are the three main pillars of blockchain development – and also the main obstacles. The way that the team at EOS tackles this challenge is by separating information and data into smaller blocks. This way, they hope to avoid excess encumbrance of the network itself and make the system faster.

One of EOS’ main strengths is its strong leadership. Each of the three founders have built successful businesses in the past. It ranks number 8 based on market capitalization and it’s currently a leading altcoin this season. It has an ROI of over 300% since its launch and it’s currently trading at $4.17.

NANO (NANO) – Nano is a leading altcoin with zero transaction fees, 2 second transaction times and the whole network is built on a unique “Block Lattice” instead of a Blockchain network or Tangle.

With Block Lattice, every user has their own blockchain which speeds up network transactions by reducing the number of transactions that a single blockchain has to make. With a high number of users, transactions are processed faster and this solves the challenge of scalability that many other cryptocurrencies are facing.

Nano ranks number 42 in terms of market capitalization and its ROI is over 9000% since its launch.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) – BAT is founded by the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox, Brendan Eich. BAT has its utility among content creators, advertisers and viewers/users in a new ecosystem on the Brave Browser. It is a web browser that automatically blocks advertisements and it is intended to support content creators.

BAT is supporting content creators in continuing their online businesses whilst keeping advertisers and viewers happy, allowing viewers to be rewarded in BAT for watching an advert and advertisers continuing to promote their products.
BAT ranks number 31 in terms of market capitalization and it’s currently trading at $0.25.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) – Stellar Lumens has the fastest transaction speed – 2 seconds – and the Stellar blockchain can also be used as a blockchain-based development platform like Ethereum. Stellar’s blockchain is faster and cheaper to use than Ethereum, most companies have actually moved out their projects from the Ethereum blockchain.

XLM combines faster transactions at a cheaper cost as well as the dApp development technology that makes Ethereum so valuable. This makes XLM a much more scalable option for blockchain development and money remittance since XLM is less likely to experience blockchain congestion.

Quant (QNT) – The Quant project runs on the Overledger blockchain operating system and QNT token, both ensuring the interoperability between multiple blockchains and enabling linking between global networks and chains with more flexibility.

QNT ranks 68 according to Market Capitalization and it has an ROI of 2707% since its launch.

Bitcoin and all major altcoins are range-bound this week and it will be interesting to see their price movements in the upcoming days.


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