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Tron (TRX): The Altcoin To Watch In 2019

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, Tron (TRX): The Altcoin To Watch In 2019

If you’ve been watching the crypto markets then you will see that Bitcoin’s price hit an all time high since 2018 – but it’s also left the majority of under-performing altcoins behind, but not Tron. TRX has been registering double-digit gains and the recent news of the buyback could encourage a bull run. In fact, Tron has gained 15% in the past week and investors are buying in to profit from the speculated value of the TRX buyback.

While buying back coins supports prices, it has a tendency to stir up a controversy. Regardless, TRX is likely to hit a new all-time high before the end of 2019. Before Tron summit 2020 in Seoul, South Korea, we expect the price will gain momentum and surge, rewarding all users and traders in the Tron ecosphere.

Is Tron better than Ethereum?

The Tron Foundation has always claimed its payment solution is much better than Ethereum. Tron processes 2,000 transactions per second while Ethereum cannot process any more than 30 per second. Tron claims to have solved scalability issues that are often associated to blockchain and crypto initiatives and it’s true. Volume limit and transaction processing times are the biggest challenges faced by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How Tron continues to rank 12 consistently?

In addition to gaining long-term investors, Tron caters to the needs of day traders and HODLers. Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, and the Tron Foundation continues to make headlines consistently and that increases speculation around the prices because, in essence, crypto is still vying for attention and retention. This is a good speculative play for Tron because it is still very affordable and their initiatives are holding value compared to other altcoins. Tron has also taken on rival, Ripple, and shown better, faster commercial applications, so it’s ranking is fair and expected to climb.

Is Tron a good bet for returns?

There are many potential uses for TRX including audio video content, gaming, lending and e-commerce; all multi-billion dollar markets. A blockchain based platform for delivery of entertainment content would generate huge revenue that would be used to scale the platform.

Tron’s transaction speed can help it compete with companies like Vodafone that power m-Pesa. The next challenge would be to power DApps as use them as strong use cases for the platform. Tron based games, remittances, lending platforms would render other blockchain-based, less-developed and marketed competitors obsolete.

And while we encourage all investors to do their due diligence when it comes to investing, we are fairly certain that Tron is an altcoin to watch this year.


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