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Differences Between Libra and Bitcoin

by icosuccess
, Differences Between Libra and Bitcoin

The popularity of Bitcoin is not surprising since it’s been around for a decade and people are waking up to it, but ever since Facebook announced Libra, one might say people are more keen to buy into crypto. But what are the differences between Libra and Bitcoin?

Used as a medium of exchange, Bitcoin was introduced as a virtual currency but it is used more as an asset rather than a medium to transact, in part because the network is immense and transaction times can be upwards of ten minutes. Being the first of its kind, some people that Bitcoin is as popular as it is because it’s been around the longest. The new crypto on the block is Libra, which is also intended to be a medium of exchange of value, targeting the unbanked and underserved, but it is still in development despite some of the hurdles its going through.

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