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5 Blockchain Projects That Can Compete With Facebook’s Libra

by Brandon Harville
, 5 Blockchain Projects That Can Compete With Facebook’s Libra

As of right now, Libra continues to dominate the conversation around blockchain and cryptocurrency. When implemented, it’ll bring cryptocurrency to approximately 2.38 billion people worldwide. That is, of course, if it doesn’t get shut down by various governments around the world before it has a chance to take off. Assuming everything does run smoothly and Libra launches without a hitch, does this spell the end of the blockchain community as we know it?

Not likely. While Facebook has a long track record of purchasing or shutting down their competitors, the blockchain community is an entirely different market. It’s founded on democratization and decentralization, values which you could argue are the opposite of what Facebook represents. While Libra is certainly then most-talked about blockchain project, it’s not the only one that matters. Below are five blockchain projects that are just as important as Libra.

  1. VeChain: VeChain may not be a big deal (yet) in North America, but it’s making major moves in China and other countries in Southeast Asia. They recently partnered with Walmart China to use blockchain technology to track food as it moves through the supply chain, recording its quality and inspection results.
  2. Block66: Block66 brings the power of blockchain technology to real estate, providing supporters with easy access to a crypto-based mortgage lending platform that removes the bureaucracy and barriers that come with traditional financial institutions. With Block66, borrowers can connect with a mixture of private and institutional lenders around the world, making it easier to access viable home financing options.
  3. Bizz: Bizz isn’t a blockchain project in the strictest sense of the word. Instead, it’s an innovative messaging service that supports cryptocurrency transactions. With that said, Bizz is then only messaging service that caters to the needs of everyday users and ecommerce professionals. It supports a number of cool features like on-app transactions, content development, uncapped groups, and live 4K streaming. It even has a “radar” feature that lets you send targeted messages to users in a specific geographic location, which is especially useful for government agencies and local businesses.
  4. Nexo: Nexo is a crypto lending platform that makes it easy for anyone to receive a loan within minutes. Great for people looking for an alternative to payday loans and institutional lenders, Nexo offers an APR of 16%. But if you pay with their own token, NEXO, your interest rates will drop to 8%. You can learn more about Nexo by reading our article on it.
  5. Brave: Have you never heard of the Brave project before? Chances are, you’re familiar with it by the name of its cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Brave aims to change the way people interact with online advertising by compensating people with BAT tokens for watching and engaging with advertisements. Not only is this a revolutionary concept in the days of ad blockers, it also helps supporting companies gain valuable marketing data while compensating those who participate.

There you have it––five blockchain projects with the potential to disrupt their respective industries just as much as Facebook’s Libra. Seriously, bookmark their sites and stay up to date with each and every one of them.

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