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5 Real Life Crypto Uses

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, 5 Real Life Crypto Uses

Cryptocurrency trading was all the rage in 2017, and the trend has been shifting for projects with strong fundamentals to pay more attention to mainstream adoption and user-friendly interfaces. We are going to touch on five real life crypto uses that are already making its way into the mainstream.

Projcts like Quick X protocol enables real time spending of cryptocurrency; Power Ledger is a project that decentralizes electricity distribution, and Everledger.io is used to track diamonds and precious metals commodities from the mines to retailers, are great examples of crypto adoption in daily life, but according to statistics, in 2019, only 8% of U.S. citizens hold cryptocurrency, of which 17% are millennials and 40% are below the age of 40.

While there is still a long way to go before cryptocurrency becomes a way of life, there are several applications similar to Quick X and Power Ledger that enable daily use of crypto. In 2017, the only experience people really had with cryptocurrency was buying, selling or trading on an exchange; participating in token sales, bounties or airdrop programs. Now it’s possible to buy your morning cup of coffee, order pizza, and book a holiday using your crypto. Commercials and TV shows are adding “cryptocurrency” to their dialog. People are gradually adapting to financial reforms and digital payment methods.

Here’s a list of crypto projects that you can use daily.

1. Why Google it when you can Brave?

Brave is a browser powered by blockchain tech. In 2019, a total of 4.2 million people switched to the Brave browser and there are over 30k publishers on the network.

Unlike Google, Brave browser protects the users privacy and viewing history. Unauthorized collection of data and personal information is restrained by Brave and that helps the platform disable unwanted ads. So, the next time you consider using an ad blocker, switch to Brave. Since they block ads and location trackers, there are no unwanted ads, and the browser loads much faster than others. The browser has a tokenized reward system and has a tiny notification to let you know there is a reward opportunity if you wish to view the ads. Their native token is the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

2.Buy real estate with cryptocurrencies

Buying a property in Dubai, Bali, Miami, and Lake Tahoe is easier than ever before. You can pay for your property of choice using Bitcoin. There are a host websites that facilitate buying Real Estate with Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. Real Estate is capitalizing on this emerging trend and Bitcoin payments are gathering momentum in 2019.

3.Make donations in cryptocurrencies

Leading charities across the world started accepting cryptocurrency donations in the past few years. Many solicitation services that collect funds for charities have also started accepting crypto donations. These donations can result in a win-win scenario for both the donor and the charity because U.S. donations can receive tax write-offs and legitimate charitable organizations (501c3) are tax free.

4. Pay for your education in crypto

Identifying the rise in trend of cryptocurrency payments, universities have started accepting fees in cryptocurrency. University of Nicosia, Cyprus, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland are two that accept Bitcoin payments.

5. Accept payments in crypto with PundiX

PundiX enables merchants to accept crypto payments at shops, cafes and convenience stores. PundiX offers a simple interface for merchants to accept payments and execute purchases. The XPoS prints a receipt with every transaction and enables inventory tracking and transaction log for merchants. Though PundiX has a target market in Indonesia, they have plans to scale and expand to more merchant outlets in 2019.

There are many more applications of cryptocurrency in daily life and the number of scalable projects is racing ahead of the rate of adoption. Decentralized and blockchain-based projects are quickly developing and deploying user-friendly apps with their own cryptocurrency backing it. With more everyday uses and mainstream marketing and mentions, the question around cryptocurrency won’t be what can I do with it; the question will be what can’t I do without it?


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