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Altcoin Trader Alert for May 14, 2019

by Brandon Harville
, Altcoin Trader Alert for May 14, 2019

Looking for the biggest gains and losses over the past day? Check out our altcoin summary for May 14th.

Top coins with positive 24-hour price changes

1. XRP (+20.32%)

Major uptick in XRP inbound! Whether it’s heading back to its late-2017 glory days is anybody’s guess right now, but it’s a good idea to hold what you have.

2. MonaCoin (+18.32%)

MonaCoin has been strong for some time, reaching a yearly gain of 40% back in April. Is this run slowing down? We don’t know, but its low-cost entry point makes MONA a great addition to your portfolio either way.

3. Clams (+14.41%)

CLAMS is benefitting from a nice little pump, which could be an indicator of future success. At the time of this article, it’s currently trading at $16.19 USD or 0.00198143 BTC. Whether it’s a good investment is anyone’s guess, as the charts have been quite volatile over the past day.

4. IOTA (+14.01%)

MIOTA’s movements have been somewhat volatile over the past week when compared to BTC, but are making nice gains against USD. We’re currently waiting on an information update from founder David Sonstebo, which could trigger a further pump if he delivers good news. Keep a close eye on this one.

5. ThoreCoin (+12.15%)

THR has been on a roll over the past seven days and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. While no major news has come out of the ThoreCoin camp, it does appear to be a favorite among traders at the moment. We recommend keeping a close eye on this one.

Top coins with negative 24-hour price changes

1. Maximine (-10.36%)

Another bad week for MXM, dropping more than 10% after another seven-day decline. While it’s difficult to tell, MXM may be setting itself up for a good entry point, so be sure to keep an eye on its movements in the next couple of days if you’re thinking about investing.

2. KuCoin (-5.89%)

The past week has been a volatile one for KCS, even dropping from $1.12 to the $1 mark over the past 24 hours. Whether KCS prices will continue to fall or if it’s setting itself up for a breakout is uncertain at this point. Proceed with caution when trading this token.

3. Arcblock (-5.38%)

Arcblock might be a temporary loser, that’s coming off a week-long bull run that took its market cap from roughly 38 million to nearly 77.5 million. Things are looking optimistic for ABT, making it a great coin to hold onto.

4. Crypto.com (-5.31%)

CRO has been relatively stable for the past week, except for a massive short-lived spike on the 10th of May. The charts indicate that CRO is on a downward trend which doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

5. Horizen (-4.86%)

It’s been a good week for ZEN, filled with price spikes and upward movement. The past 24-hoursis marked by corrections, but everything continues to look optimistic as its performance is much stronger than it was a week ago.
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