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Bitcoin Hardware Node Startup Casa Launches Mobile App

by Alan Daniel
, Bitcoin Hardware Node Startup Casa Launches Mobile App

Casa is a startup that has manufactured a hardware node device for home users.

The device makes it easy for anyone to run a full Bitcoin as well as Lightning Network node. Instead of having to install complicated blockchain software or take days downloading the blockchain data to run a full node, Casa users could use the simple device to start it up.

Casa’s Node, which looks more or less as a square-shaped Echo or Google Home device, could connect users to blockchain without them ever having to learn how to operate the technology on a computer.

Instead, Casa allows users to control their Node device via a native app, which makes yesteryear’s processes virtually obsolete for home users.

All that the home users need to carry out transactions or connect to the Bitcoin network or its Layer 2 solution, Lightning Network, is to install the device and control it via its app on their phone.

And just like that, they could connect to the whole Bitcoin blockchain in the same way as though they were connecting to it through a computer.

But That’s Not All

The main purpose of Casa Node is to let users connect to blockchain even if they are unaware of technical processes. But that is not all that the Node does for users.

It also lets users verify their own transactions in a trustless environment.

And having the ability to connect to Lightning Network only makes it easier for Node users to make use of faster transactions on the Bitcoin network.

With the launch of its mobile app, Casa aims to appeal to more users.

Casa’s Non-custodian Multisig Wallet is Gaining Traction

Apart from Casa Node, the company’s other main product is Keymaster, which is a multisig wallet that allows users to take charge of safeguarding their cryptocurrency. This makes it safer to hold cryptocurrency as compared to saving it with traditional exchanges.

It is an ideal solution for those who hold a large amount of wealth in the form of digital assets, and want to keep it safe and secure.

Casa’s Keymaster is also compatible with popular hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor, where it adds another layer of security to these highly secure solutions. With it, the company also provides its customers with protective Faraday bags.

Due to its multisig wallet and its hardware Node device, Casa has been steadily gaining traction in the cryptocurrency industry. As reported by CoinDesk, the device has “thousands of active nodes.” But to attract more users, it is currently offering a rewards program, where it is giving away Satoshi units to those who use its solutions.

Casa’s app is available on iOS and Android. It offers various membership packages to interested cryptocurrency holders who want to make use of its services.

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