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Breaking EOS News

by Meredith Loughran
, Breaking EOS News

Block.One has been teasing us with #B1June on Twitter for a while; Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer have been eluding to a huge announcement slated for June 1, 2019 at about 7:15 PM ET.

Larimer, CTO of Block.One, founder of BitShares and co-founder of Steem, has been leaving little knowledge bombs on his Twitter feed, which left us all enough material to chew and speculate on.

, Breaking EOS News

Wise individuals support decentralized systems which have an abundance of service providers. This means supporting many currencies, many blockchains, and many centralized businesses. Going all in on any chain is centralized thinking.

, Breaking EOS News

Recent updates to the #eosio network code has nearly tripled sustained throughput on large test networks. Eosio is getting better every day thanks to our hardworking developers.

, Breaking EOS News

I think the future of autonomous, immutable, censorship resistant, chains will involve an element of proof of work. The key is finding a proof of work that levels the playing field for all and minimizes waste and eliminate pools. Dpos and bft algos will run everything else.

, Breaking EOS News

It doesn’t matter if your key is secure if you are tricked into signing away your funds. Icons and human readable descriptions are necessary for proper consent, signing hashes blindly is terrifying.

, Breaking EOS News

What good is a perfect decentralized consensus algorithm and infallible private key storage if your key manager is unable to protect you from phishing. Blockchain security is only a strong as its weakest link. #eosio Aims to be most secure in practice not theory. #eth

What do you think they’re going to announce?

Here’s what I know:
May 27, 2019: Block.One used about 3.3 million EOS tokens to purchase approximately $25 million dollars worth of RAM.

May 29, 2019: EOSIO Labs announced the release of iOS and Chrome Extension Authenticator Reference Applications, which focuses on key and password management that address security and ease of use concerns. Native mobile applications can be integrated. Additionally, they are working on multi-chain support.

If you’ve been following the Twitter monologues, you know that Bloomberg “leaked” that Block.One was launching their social media app called VOICE, something that would rival Twitter or Facebook.

Watch the KeyNote address here:

Having a little fun

With big hype comes the fun. Speculators, humorists, trolls… Here’s one of my favorite tweets so far today:

, Breaking EOS News

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Larimer, Blumer, and Pierce shed their human skin suits either, Michael Gaio, but maybe that will happen in a future announcement? 

Final Thoughts

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. Bloomberg kind of stole the thunder of the actual live announcement. Certainly EOS 2.0 sounds great for developers and enterprise apps because it is the advent of EOS VM and WebAuthn, which is supposed to speed up transactions by 12x the existing models, so scalability is becoming a reality.

Now, having been in the social media sphere for a few decades the announcement of VOICE was less exciting. Don’t get me wrong! A tokenized social media platform where a person’s influence, or voice, can earn rewards far exceeds what Twitter and Facebook are doing, but I cannot help but think it will be overrun with “influencers” and marketers; where the average person has to work their tail off to start from scratch on a new platform. With the exception of being on the EOS blockchain, how is this different from Steemit and their long list of apps?

Having said that, I signed up for the Beta as soon as the site went live. I can’t seem to help myself in this regard.  

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