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Cent Updates and How to Earn With It

by Pragati Shrivastava
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2019 was a busy year for Cent. According to the CEO, the coin’s community increased tenfold in the past year. Decentralization became mainstream and so did cent. The project has been continuously innovating on incentive structure design and User Experience. It wasn’t only about growth, there was an increase in functionality like messaging, following and tagging. Cent has a long journey ahead and Cent has carved out enough space to get incredibly innovative in 2020.

Cent’s latest updates include Spotting, an opportunity to generate passive income consistently. There is an update in the functionality of bountying to more accurately reflect how it is actually being used. Cent is gaining recognition as a coin by solving problems of existing cryptocurrency. Its high real-life utilization is sharing through the blockchain technology security, stability and convenience.

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It currently offers cash withdrawals over 13K stores nationwide.

In addition,Cent has entered into agreements with alliance shopping malls, duty free shops, luxury goods stores, travel and the medical sector. The construction of the required infrastructure has been completed and through the Center Prime Project, the valuation of decentralized financing (DeFi) is evaluated based on the existing central financial valuation scale.

The existing valuation scale is general – based on GDP.
GDP is the monetary value of all products and services made in a country, and there are three types :

  • GDP based on expenses
  • Based on production
  • Revenue

It applies to DeFi as well.

How users earn profits with Cent

The ones who understand the technology behind transactions books profits. CenterCoin’s CenterPrime project is trying to become a DeFi through Gas on the correct theoretical foundation, and it is paying attention to whether it will guide many altcoins.

Back in December, Cent announced that it has established a blockchain research institute in Russia and is working with leading organizations. The Foundation said that it will lead the institute by recruiting relevant researchers who have studied Ethereum technology for a long time to complete and expand the development of decentralized fintech platform for the Center Prime project.

The project currently aims to make it possible for other altcoins and tokens to determine the correct value, except for decentralized finance, which has the correct value like Bitcoin and Ethereum. CenterPrime introduces the concept of smart pairing to determine the correct value and creates cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in currency pairs, proving the value of initial issuance through distributed financing based on the principles of current central banking.

Through smart pairing, it introduced the concept of Cryptocoin’s gas, creating a decentralized fintech platform that issues stablecoins linked to central banking as much as gas consumption.

Cent is working on many new alliances and partnerships and that remains to be seen. We will update this article with the latest news, as Cent announces.

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