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Easiest Way To Accumulate Bitcoin Before Halving

by Pragati Shrivastava
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If you’re checking out this article, you are definitely an adopter waiting for BTC to cross the last ATH. So, how do you accumulate Bitcoin easy and fast before the halving?

Influencers like John McAfee and Anthony Pompliano have been speaking of the price hike for the past year. In case this happens for real, you’d definitely want to accumulate more than you have. You definitely shouldn’t consider something like taking out a Bitcoin loan, however you could bet if not borrow.

Betting on Bitcoin

Bet Bitcoin to win some more… In other words, gamble.
This is the quickest way to win Bitcoin, not that you are supposed to do it with all your holdings. Start on a website like BitStarz, Fortune Jack or PrimeDice. You may end up making a loss, but if you keep at it, you will exit with a profit. In less than a minute, you can make 2-3 BTC. Just be warned that gambling is notoriously a losing proposition, so if you go this route, don’t gamble more than you can stand to lose.

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Leveraging Bitcoin

If you don’t have a big investment, leverage Bitcoin.
If you have a small investment to start with, trade with leverage – 10x, 20 or even 100. Register on BitMEX or other leading exchanges that support trading with leverage. If you bet 1 BTC you could make 100 in one good trade. However, losses get multiplied too. That’s the only catch and a serious one. Consider your options carefully.

Trading Altcoin

Trade in altcoins that go up 100x in a day
This may sound like a pump and dump scheme to start off with, however there are altcoins listed on coinmarketcap.com in the bottom 250-300 and they go up 100-200x in a single day. If you identified these and invested in them, you could get higher returns. The bonus is the potential to accumulate a lot of Bitcoin quickly but the down side is finding those gems and paying attention. Most people don’t have time to day trade.

Stocks and Bitcoin

Trade stocks against Bitcoin
30btc.com and ig.com are the best sites for trading stocks against Bitcoin. Register on this website and trade BTC for goods all over the world. You can trade stocks and commodities for Bitcoin and it’s easy to use. You need to get started with a small investment.

Mining Bitcoin

Leaving this at the bottom of the list is the option to mine Bitcoin but bear in mind that there are costs to buying mining equipment and electricity. Then keep in mind that Bitcoin is halving in May so earning Bitcoin drops by half. Some market predictions state that Bitcoin price will drop while others believe that the price corrections have already accommodated for the next halving. Mining pools are going to survive where individual miners may quit. That’s how the ones that persevere make the most at the end of the full cycle.

My experience

I’ve tried and tested PrimeDice for gambling and made five Bitcoin in less than five seconds, however I suffered heavy losses in leverage trading and that explains why we need to tread carefully when engaging in the above mentioned activities. It’s possible that you lose the investment that you started out with.

You are welcome to try these techniques to pad your Bitcoin wallet. Just remember what I said earlier; only invest or gamble what you can afford to lose.

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