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What Would Change Mark Cuban’s Mind About Bitcoin?

by Icosuccess

Anthony Pompliano 0:00
Questions to wrap this up? One, obviously, you’ve got a position on Bitcoin, I actually think it’s a pretty valid concern, like you’re gonna take the other side or the bear side, the argument you make, I think is the perfect argument, what would have to happen for you to change your mind,

Mark Cuban 0:14
it has to be so easy to use, it’s a no brainer, it has to be completely friction free and understandable by everybody first, and then then and then you can say it’s an alternative to gold as a store of value in terms of being a way to transact, you know, whether it’s just transfers the funds or whatever, you’ve got to be able to spend it, you know, because right now, you still have to convert it for anything that you want.

And as long as you have to convert it, you’re still dependent on FIA, no matter what you say. Right? And I can trade bananas easier as a commodity that I could trade Bitcoin, right? And I could still eat that banana before it goes bad. And get all my potassium for my workout. You know, I can’t I you know, I can’t even you know, with gold at least a gold coin.

Right, I could find I can use your gold bar as furniture, you know, but with Bitcoin it’s virtual and you know that’s the beauty and that’s its problem. And so one you’re gonna have to make it friction free so grandma can do it because now the fact that we’re arguing so much about it and you have so many stands about Bitcoin, you know for Bitcoin that just proves the point.

You know that it’s difficult and to you can’t spend it on anything. You know, I think we’ve spent we put it up for the Mavs we did it originally, four years ago and no one bought anything. Now we’re taking Bitcoin to please go buy everything a Bitcoin? I’m fine with that. Right. And I think we brought in $130 that’s all the bitcoins that I own right now.

Anthony Pompliano 1:39
Yeah, yeah, I think part of it too is the user experience, something has to improve. The big question is this email, you know, 25 years ago and it does improve or it doesn’t, that’s opportunity and risk that people take Right.

Mark Cuban 1:49
Yeah. And plus, you know, there’s so many peculiarities to Bitcoin right to having right. You know, the mining, that you know, the fact that blockchain chain is a great opportunity. But in reality, we haven’t seen blockchain applications really take off. You know, um, and there’s uncertainty with all the different types of kryptos. You know, and the arguments between all the different types of kryptos.

You know, these are things that just, you know, create more and more confusion and diminish the confidence. And so yeah, I get all the arguments, I’ve seen all the charts, right. I understand that, you know, the problem, potential problems with VR, but, you know, to bitcoins potential benefit, if everything goes into the shitter because we’re printing so much money, and there’s global implications. Bitcoin has got something to deal with, and something to say, and if we don’t, Bitcoin got nothing.

Anthony Pompliano 2:45
I actually appreciate your detractors because they’re usually pretty rational. Right? So so I tend to agree and I think it’s the right position to take on the other side.

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