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Ouch! 3 Cryptocurrencies Who Didn’t Get the Bull’s Message

by Meredith Loughran

While scrolling through CoinMarketCap looking for crypto projects that might be worth a look at, I noticed the sea of green as the majority of crypto tokens are playing in the green – except the three that are not only trending downward, but they’re doing it in a big, big way. It begs the question: What’s going on with them?

Clams (CLAM)

At the time of this article, clams had a 46.62% drop in market value. At first blush, this is pretty terrible, especially if you’ve been buying into the three month, upward trend before the bottom dropped out. There is a current supply of 17,241,448 CLAM with 3,609,518 CLAM in circulation. According to their website, CLAM is a digital currency, that transfers, creates, and verifies computers operating CLAMs software. I am going to take an educated guess and say that CLAMs is probably not in any danger of going away. On their announcement in BitcoinTalk, they had a huge token distribution; sending to 3.1 million unique addresses of accounts holding BTC, LTC, and DOGE, so it stands to reason that people are off-loading their airdrop for other tokens.


From my observation of the three month chart, TronClassic has been doing this yo-yo thing for a while. If that’s not a market trend term, it ought to be. The ups and downs of the TRXC market seems quite consistent. On their website they indicate that they have a shop, exchange and a digital wallet and I couldn’t help but wonder if their market fluctuations were based on what sold in their shop that day. Okay, maybe I’m being a little facetious but they’ve got little to no presence on their Twitter or Telegram accounts. It makes one wonder. TRONCLASSIC (TRXC) has a current supply of 1,000,000,000,000 TRXC with 465,107,478,370 TRXC in circulation. They are active on six markets.

Next (NET)

If you’ve been watching the Next token, you might give a big yawn because it’s only really gotten exciting in the last month with its hair-raising rollercoaster ride in an otherwise steady token. NET is a stablecoin that buys back and burns the supply daily to keep their prices stable, so it’s supposed to be boring, right? So, what’s going on where the trading plateau drops by 35.34% not once, but seemingly twice within the last week? I couldn’t tell you. I can’t seem to find them on any social media channels. One thing I can say though – I wouldn’t be surprised to see it shoot back up to a cozy $1 USD. I might even take that to the bank. NEXT (NET) operates on the Ethereum platform and has a current supply of 973,628,555 NET with 50,269,268 NET in circulation.

Buyer Beware

Let me just point out that I am not a professional trader, but I do enjoy watching the markets and seeing if my predictions come to fruition. Of the three listed here, I’d probably steer clear of TRXC until there were more announcements and social presence. As for NET and CLAM, it’s a much different story when real funds are on the line, but if you’re wondering what I would do, I’d probably buy the dip and see what happens. Whatever the case might be, do your own research before jumping on a token. See if they’ve got an active community and development support to be worth of an investment of your hard-earned cash.


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