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by Alan Daniel
, Best IEO To Follow

While lawyers such as Stephen D Palley have stated on Twitter that “98 percent of the STO & IEO narrative is about convincing people to part w/ their money w/ expectation of lambo moon returns. It’s the ICO/token sale in a new candy wrapper. Bitcoin doesn’t need a new candy wrapper”.

Individuals still look to IEO’s for significant instant returns when they may be able to save themselves time, stress, and money by simply entering and exiting the top coins and tokens at the correct times.

Yet, for those that are interested in investing in IEO’s, let’s take a look at some of the key factors, such as the use of the token and the potential value behind the offering.

IEO Offerings Replacing ICO’s
Where Initial Coin offerings were all the rage in the yesteryear, IEO’s have come in and taken their place. Yet, one must not rest easier thinking that their funds would be safer due to a slight change in the provider.

One must still stay on guard.

After all, this is cryptocurrency sector that we’re talking about, a sector where ghoulish entities rise before heading back to the crypts from whence they came.

Caution, patience, and knowledge are still very much important and are at play today.
Popular offerings such as CELR, MATIC, FET, BTT and LEO token have done quite well initially, they’ve seen a pop prior to a course correction.

While BTT saw a gradual depression after its release, it has bounced back with the ongoing bull market. BTT is currently on its way to potentially higher price points buoyed by the bull market.

Most IEO’s Should Are The Same Concept Different Name
If IEO’s are ICO’s just dressed up differently and deployed slightly differently, the same investing and trading concepts apply.

Watch for these components when investing in IEO’s:

  • Market Sentiment – Are people interested in the token? Are there more people talking about it on platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, etc? If so, it may be a short-term trade.
  • Affiliation- Is the token attached to a product or company that has existed before and has quite a bit of users? If so, the market may ascribe that the token would have value and would likely allocate more value. Ex. BTT is affiliated to Tron and BitTorrent, there’s a strong community within that ecosystem and users for the product.
  • DYOR – Always do your own due diligence. Understand your time horizons and your investing/trading style.

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