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Top 5 Exchanges With ZERO Trading Fees

by Pragati Shrivastava
Top 5 Exchanges With ZERO Trading Fees

Top cryptocurrency exchanges charge between 0.1 percent to 0.25 percent commission on each trade. While this may not be much for traders who enter and exit positions on a daily basis, exchange fees add up and eat into their trading profits. There are several zero-fee exchanges have been launched. In this article, we’ll explore zero-fee digital exchanges that compete with large fee-incurring established exchanges.


Cobinhood is the world’s first zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange. Due to other exchanges competing for the lowest fees in the industry, Cobinhood dropped its fees to zero! They provide apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. This is a great bonus for the trader on-the-go. There are zero fees when placing orders on the actual exchange. This means zero on both the buy and sell side of any trade. However, deposit fees depend entirely on which cryptocurrency you are sending and what that crypto’s blockchain charges are. Cobinhood has been a popular exchange however, there are other competitors like Quoine, Fisco and others.


Liquid is a Japanese-based exchange that is previously known as QUOINE. In November 2017, the QUOINE platform launched their QASH ICO which successfully raised $104 million. Liquid features a user-friendly experience in all workflows with a highly responsive website and interface. Account sign-up, security walk through, KYC process and support mechanisms are easy. It is one of the best crypto trading exchanges.


Fisco was granted a license by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA). The biggest advantage of Fisco exchange is the fact that it holds a license as required by local law. Japan has one of the most developed bitcoin communities, while the majority of the exchanges worldwide still operate in the gray area. Clients in this exchange are only charged with withdrawal fees. Taking into account that the majority of exchanges charge up to 0.25% per trade, and many of them also apply fees to deposits, this makes Fisco really stand out.


Coinbene was launched on November 20, 2017, making its rapid rise to a consistent top 30 exchange by 24-hour trade volume an impressive feat. The exchange is available in a wide range of languages. However, for people who are new to crypto or for those who would like to directly exchange between crypto and fiat, CoinBene is not the best option. It’s a crypto-to-crypto exchange only. However, if you already have cryptocurrency funds, CoinBene could certainly be a good option.


Though Zaif is based out of Japan, the exchange accepts traders from all around the world and offers their services in both Japanese and English. The exchange has been popular since its inception and continues to grow and add more and more promising cryptocurrencies to their exchange platform. It offers traders two distinct web-based exchange platforms to choose from. The first platform is known as “Instant Exchange” and is very simple and basic. The Instant Exchange platform was built for beginner traders who simply want to buy or sell Bitcoin or MonaCoin for Japanese Yen. This exchange interface is very straightforward and allows traders to make simple buy or sell orders for the current market price. The other is an advanced platform for professional traders.

These zero-fee exchanges can help active traders to reduce their trading costs and, thereby, indirectly increase their profits and that is their key selling point. Having said that, all zero-fee exchanges available today are limited to only a few digital currency pairs, which is not very helpful for altcoin traders or those looking to actively trade ICO tokens. Furthermore, most zero-fee markets are found on Asian exchanges, which are not always accessible to those in other regions. The zero-fee exchange model is definitely growing in popularity, even if it is mainly used as a way to attract users to then charge them for other products or services.

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