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Where Mark Cuban Sees Opportunities to Invest & Why Everyone Should Re-Consider Going to College

by Icosuccess

Anthony Pompliano 0:00
One of the most asked questions I saw from folks is just how are you personally navigating the crisis financially? Like, what are you buying? What are you selling? Where are you watching where you think opportunities on the investment side? I mean, I’ve been lucky.

Mark Cuban 0:10
Like, my entertainment businesses have gotten crushed. I mean, I’ll lose. I’m losing a shitload of money there. Right, just crushed. But, you know, I was lucky that my core holdings were Netflix and Amazon. And so, you know, that’s kind of balancing some things out. So unfortunate there, but it, you know, I still am going to catch the markets going up.

And there’s good reasons why the markets going up, right? For all the good things that we just talked about, right? You know, three years, five years from now, the market will be up from where we are today, it will be up, you know, who knows how much but it will, it’ll be better. But I still think we have a leg down. And so I’ve gone to cash.

And if even if not in the public markets, if I’m wrong in the public markets, I think there’s going to be companies that need capital in this in this America 2.0 that are going to be what we just talked About right there’s going to be when we look back in 10 years, there’s going to be some amazing companies that were created, and having access to cash or having cash is going to give me the opportunity to invest in them. And like I said, I’m super excited about that. I don’t know who it’s going to be. But if you got it, bring it to me.

Anthony Pompliano 1:17
Forget Bitcoin for a second, let’s just stick with other non public assets, anything around gold, land, commodities, anything in there.

Mark Cuban 1:25
Um, I think commodities go up, because I think we’ll get at least some modicum of inflation. And as companies kind of try to protect their own manufacturing, and try to really bring core core necessities domestically, I think that could push up on the value of commodities. I couldn’t tell you which ones to invest in, but just generically and on a macro basis, um, I’m not a big gold fan. I analogize that more to Bitcoin.

And I’m just because what are you going to do? Right? We saw it all hits the fan, and there ain’t nobody watching around with gold, there ain’t nobody asking for payment and gold. And we’re printing money as fast as we can. And things aren’t deflating or inflating, at least not yet. Right. And so there’s, I don’t see that as being a solution.

We saw what happened to oil. Right. And so manufacturers, you know, can come in or the drillers, in this case, Saudi Arabia and Russia that leaders can come in and just turn the industry upside down. And the same thing can happen with gold.

Anthony Pompliano 2:29
You know, so what about on the real estate side? Anything there?

Mark Cuban 2:31
Yeah, I mean, I’m looking, right, I’m trying to be opportunistic and agile, not necessarily to take advantage of people’s misfortune. But, um, I just think that there’ll be a lot of reformulating, because there’s so many, there’s so many companies that were leveraged, you know, so companies went to go buy land or buildings or shopping centers, whatever it may be, and they put down very little capital and they went and borrowed more and you know, then they sold that the you know, then the lender sold out.

Trotters, and, you know, they’re, I think you’re going to see some deleveraging there, which creates some opportunities to buy land. But you’re not seeing all those discounts yet, except in big dense cities that have had the like, I’m like New York, you’re starting to see condos, the prices, they’re just dropped like a rock. So, if you think you want to live in New York in the future, now’s the time to buy, you know, if you think you want a house in an area that’s been hit hard, you know, Detroit, or wherever it may be, now’s the time to buy.

Anthony Pompliano 3:37
So I think for personal purposes, it’s a good time to if you have cash to buy real estate, for sure. NBA obviously, it’s going to come back at some point.

Mark Cuban 3:41
But before we go there, let me say one other things in terms of investment, okay. College, right.

You got to rethink where you’re going to school and whether you’re going to borrow money at all, and colleges themselves. You got to make sure your college isn’t going to go out of business because their sources of revenue just gone, they’re gone, right? They dried up like that, you know, a lot of colleges made their money off of international students coming in and paying full ride in terms of tuition and room and board.

They can’t get in the country, you know, and if they get in, they might not be able to get out and they may not have the capital or be able to afford and so you’re gonna see a lot of rejiggering of universities public and to a lesser extent, you know, the Ivy League schools are going to be okay because their endowments, but below that, you know, you’re going to see a lot of reformatting, a lot of rethinking, and who knows when students go back and so if your school was going to have you have was going to force you to do online learning anyways, why are you going to pay for a full credit when you can go to any of the other online sources or go to Coursera and learn the same stuff for free and then try to test out or go to a local community college and then go test out or transfer your credits.

So be aware that colleges their economics are changing. So dramatic radically, that the world is going to be different if you’re one of those who wanted to go to that school because it’s got a great football or basketball team, they may not be playing anyways. And it’s not going to be as social fraternities sororities are going to have to rethink everything dorms are going to have to rethink everything.

And so we talked about going to arenas thinking about going back to school. It’s not just about going to class, a walk in class, where are you going to live? You know, there’s just so many elements involved in college life that are going to change that party, probably the after some of the entertainment industries, one of the the most negatively impacted industries, there’s going to be schools, universities, and as a potential student, as a current student. You need to look at this as the biggest investment you’re going to make over the next 1015 years and really reevaluate what your choices were.

Anthony Pompliano 5:51
You know, the set that I saw was the average calculus one course in America in person 2500 bucks online. $400 right.

Mark Cuban 6:00
Right. So if the school you want to go to you can test out, go take it on course there or whatever, and just try to test out, you know, and then that’s the thing with jobs too many jobs are going to be completely different. What are you going to do for your first job, you’re going to take any job, because you’re not trying to get a career. You’re a free agent, right? And that free agent, you’re just going to pay your bills, you just want to have some liquidity.

You want to have some semblance of normalcy and competence in your financial future. And then as you learn and look, you just pay for college. Now you’re getting paid to learn when you get to that first job. Even if it’s the worst job ever. You’re going to learn what you don’t like and then go from there and you start bouncing from job to job to job till you get to one you love. Or you look you figure out that there’s something in this job you don’t realize you love but now you love but take your the way you approach your job life is gonna be completely different.

Anthony Pompliano 6:50
Yeah, getting paid to loans the better than paying to learn for sure.

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