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Consensus Blockchain Week 2019 – Day 3

by Meredith Loughran

As the third day of Consensus Blockchain week ends, the networking opportunities, innovation, and conversations continue. Consensus has been gathering companies, developers and investors in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world since 2015. As cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation comes to fruition, these discussions have become vital to affecting business, technical innovations, commercial development, public policy issues, and pragmatic solutions for the evolution of business and security.

Featuring approximately 250+ speakers and commanding around 8,000 attendees from around the world, representatives from all areas have gathered to network, teach and learn about the newest version of the Industrial Revolution. This is where international brands, startup companies, investment firms, academia, and policy movers and shakers gather to be the disruptors of existing business models.

Key Events:

Day 3 – May 15th

  • The Great Convergence? What Happens When Tokens Meet the Enterprise
    • When business begins to see the potential of token-economics and networks, industry innovators start to take action to make enterprise blockchain a reality. Panelists include Joseph Lubin, co founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, Souleïma Baddi, formerly the Deputy Head of Societe Generale’s Trade and Commodity Finance team based in Switzerland and CEO of komgo, and Steve Cerveny, a founder of Kaleido, a ConsenSys Enterprise Business.
  • Industry 4.0: New Business Models for a New State of Play
    • If the fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, then industrial players have a lot to do to remain relevant. Panelists Benjamin Beckmann, Senior Computer Scientist at GE Research, Paul Ulrich, Senior Policy Manager for Asia Pacific, and Ron Resnick, Executive Director of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, talk about how they’re adding blockchains to their plans.
  • Medium of Exchange: Bringing Crypto to the World’s Biggest Merchants
    • If the core ethos of cryptocurrency is to be a payment mechanism, then it stands to reason that crypto as a medium of exchange should be examined and adopted. This panel of people discuss the innovations that will open crypto to merchants and the retail environment.
  • Policing the Blockchain: Protecting Investors and Consumers
    • This panel discusses the repercussions of illicit practices and ICO scams and how we can fix the problem.
  • The Internet Candidate: In Conversation with Andrew Yang
    • Andrew Yang is a crypto friendly 2020 U.S. candidate for President. An entrepreneur who understands economy, and he supports Universal Basic Income.
  • Inside the Hype Machine: In Conversation with Justin Sun
    • Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, talks about marketing the protocol and the acquisition of Bittorrent in a bear market deal.
  • DeFi-ing Expectations? Marketing Jargon or a True Financial Revolution
    • Chris Burniske, partner at venture firm Placeholder, and Steven Becker, president and COO of MakerDAO, cut through the hype and talk about what’s trending in Decentralized Finance.

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