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Dennis Lewis on BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain

by Tony Lewis
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Woah! And another fantastic appearance from CTN’s CEO Dennis Lewis. You can listen in below.

I feel like I need to add a small excerpt of Dennis’ book Behold the Cryptopreneurs to go along with this podcast.

Maybe I’ve had bad luck.

You see, I’ve worked with a lot of incredibly misguided CEOs in my professional life. Most were well intentioned, many didn’t understand their true role, and two or three were just plain assholes.

Luckily, I’ve also enjoyed working with some of the finest leaders on some truly exceptional projects.

The result of this mixed bag of experience? Here are my top three conclusions:

Leadership matters – a lot.

A piss poor CEO is a cancerous rot that pollutes the entire project.

You can learn to be a good leader, but most CEOs don’t even bother to try.

Before continuing I’d like to take a few paragraphs to discuss one of the finest business books ever written. Published by Jim Collins in 2001, he and his team of researchers spent over five years studying companies that were able to sustain amazing results for at least 15 years.

They interviewed company executives. They analyzed strategies. They read financial reports and crunched the numbers. And after exhaustively breaking down the underlying factors that provoked “greatness” they compiled them into a truly unique and useful book.

Their seven major conclusions were:

– Level 5 Leadership

– First Who, Then What

– Confront the Brutal Facts

– Hedgehog Concept

– Culture of Discipline

– Technology Accelerators

– The Flywheel

Good to Great is obligatory reading for any self-respecting cryptopreneur. Included within the book is the recipe for how to build an outstanding company.

Behold the Cryptopreneurs, by Dennis Lewis

You can purchase Behold the Cryptopreneurs on Amazon.

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