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Did Nestlé Just Make Cryptocurrencies Sweet?

by Meredith Loughran
, Did Nestlé Just Make Cryptocurrencies Sweet?

CEO and Market Head of Nestlé USA, Steve Presley said, “If you enjoy the deliciously sweet experience of eating a Rolos rolled chocolate candy, then you will love our latest foray into blockchain technology: Our cryptocurrency, RoloBucks.”

Did chocolate just enter the crypto space?

While there have been many interesting developments in the blockchain and crypto space over the past few months; initiatives like J.P. Morgan, a leading bank that moves trillions of dollars across the world announced the launch of their digital currency, JPM coin, and Facebook, the world’s leading social network announced Libra, a digital currency for settling cross border inter-corporation and institutional payments in almost all leading fiat currencies, well, why not Nestlé?

Well, that would be sweet… If it was actually real.

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, has in fact been offering the creamy caramel inside a chocolate shell confection wrapped in an iconic gold foil tube that we know as Rolos since 1937. But a new cryptocurrency? Negatory. Nada. No dice.

The story and Presley quote originated from one of our favorite sources for satirical news, The Onion. It is a sweet story none-the-less.


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