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Why Robert Kiyosaki Would Choose to Invest his Money From the Government Stimulus Package

by Icosuccess

Anthony Pompliano 0:00
What do you think is the economic solution though, right? So like, what can the Federal Reserve do or the US government? How do we stop this?

Robert Kiyosaki 0:07
That’s, that’s what this book is saying. The creature from Jekyll Island, the name of the game is bail out, their job isn’t, you know, US inflation and their security economy, whatever they said is their job is to protect the rich. So they’re going to bail out, you know, so they bailed out the biggest corporations, they bail, they’re bailing out the shadow banking system, you know, all this, you know that they’re bailing out the commercial paper market right now.

The big crash is in the shadow banking system and corporate credit, and they’ll CEOs who are parachuting out right now, they ripped everybody else borrowing the company’s money, like like Ford’s money, they bought back their shares, they parachute out with stock options, and they pay less tax, they pay capital gains versus ordinary income. You know that. I know that but the We have a we have a zombie company called at&t.

You know, IBM, generally electric, they used to be triple A the triple B now, our CEOs are criminals what they’ve done to our companies, but they’re the best and the brightest from our school system as those peacetime leaders. They rip us off as soon as the Fed ripping us off. So is our government repor on Wall Street? The reason our pensions are broke is because they stuffed our pensions full of these toxic assets.

You know, what’s the number one export of America toxic assets, we ship them all over the world, Australia is going to die because they bought our CDs at CLS MBs they bought all of our toxic assets all over the world simultaneous and people go Oh, I have a college degree. went to college again.

Anthony Pompliano 1:59
was one of my favorite things. you’ve ever said is that the great Lie of the Federal Reserve is that it’s not a bank. It’s not federal. And there’s no reserves, right? It’s kind of the triple the trifecta, if you will, just the three things that people think it is, none of those three things are actually true.

Robert Kiyosaki 2:14
And the first is a cartel, like the meta in cartel. Like, okay, cocaine dealers, well, they’re not much different. They’re highly educated people like my poor debt, PhDs, poor, helpless and desperate, and they’ll do anything for that paycheck. And that’s running our country, our world and all this. This is tragic. And it all starts with education system, what the school teach you about money. So the school system is part of grudge gross universal cash I spent Buckminster Fuller, that’s where there’s no financial education.

And that’s the problem. And that’s what Rickards is saying in this book, The road to ruin. He talks about Don’t let a good crisis go to waste, because that’s when the fascist stepped in and a fascist say, Oh, we have the same coalition. Coronavirus, you must have social distancing, you must wear a mask. You know you can’t touch you can’t battle what you can do. You know, I just love Trump. He gets up there. And he goes, Yeah, you should wear a mask. But I’m not going to like that guy. You know, I mean, screw you.

Anthony Pompliano 3:15
I just had Tim Kennedy who’s a ranger qualified Special Forces sniper Come on the podcast. And one of the things that he talked about was this whole idea of there’s a number of states now that are saying, Robert, if you’re from New York, you can’t come to Rhode Island. And if you come to Rhode Island, we’re going to pull you over. And if a neighbor knows that you came from New York, we’re going to come to your house and question you and all this stuff. And Tim put it great.

He goes, You know what they should do? If you’re from New York, they should take the New York Yankee sign and they should stitch it into your shirt. I actually don’t even use a New York Yankee sign. Well, we just start with a star. Right and he very quickly can see where are we going? What is happening here. And to your point when people are suffering and people are desperate, they’ll take any violations. their rights their civil liberties etc In exchange for that economic kind of safety net which is what we’re seeing occur right now.

Robert Kiyosaki 4:08
Well that’s what my read set always says you know, those two kinds of people in the world webs and pips web stands for whereas my paychecks are an opinion pimp is put into my pocket sugar. So, you know, like, my tell my friends is that you know, I’m gonna I’m going to get a huge check because I have employees, they’re going to give me a huge check. Are you going to take the money? I said, of course. What are you gonna do with it to buy more my buy more gold, silver and Bitcoin? I don’t need the money. But I’m going to take it anyway.

Yes, but that’s not fair. I said, Well, it’s not fair to me. You don’t mean I can’t change the government. But I can change me. I can protect my team. I can protect my employees. My employees are flush. I have very high paying jobs. Show them I show my cash status. They know we can pay them. But someone the government offered treat and 50 billion or whatever they did the other day I took it. I just had my CFO fill out the forms, we’re going to take the money. I’m just going to reinvest it. hadn’t been watching my tweets, that’s all I say, Take the money. buy gold, silver and Bitcoin. Don’t be stupid right now.

Anthony Pompliano 5:24
Yes. So let’s switch the individual, right. You’ve got a mill millions and millions of people in the United States. And they’re now saying, okay, here’s where we are. I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t heed the warnings. I’m now sitting facing what is at a minimum of financial crisis, if not a depression. I most likely still have a job, but that is in question.

Moving forward. What do I do? And I think that’s the number one question people want to hear from you. It’s just what do you do if you’re an individual today in order to weather the storm and also put yourself in a better position for that financial freedom in the future, given the macro environment we’re in.

Robert Kiyosaki 6:05
Well, I think people should you know, watch your, your last videos with Raul Paul and who was the woman again? She was Oh, I love I love smart, beautiful women. You know, I mean, it’s I just love. I like pretty stupid women to, like, you know, smart women to other words, the best teachers on YouTube wake up. They’re not in colleges anymore. The university system is corrupt. They sold out, they taken all of the student loan money, ripping off our country ripping off the kids and all this stuff, and not teaching them a thing that’s useful.

You know, most of these college kids coming out I can’t hire them. In fact, it’s almost a detriment to say you have a college degree around my company. Do I mean because what do you know? The one thing I have a I have a Bachelor of Science took I go as for bs that’s like PhD is poor, helpless and desperate. I can’t hire these guys. You know I’m talking about Yeah, I’m talking about they’re a bunch of wimps. Where’s my paycheck? I want my benefits you know you’re gonna protect me. No, I don’t think so. I think we’re on the wrong team here.

Anthony Pompliano 7:15
So when you look out and you say okay, these people got to get educated. So step one, get on YouTube get on these platforms learn from those who are creating all this content. That’s kind of step one. Step two, then is you’ve always said for a while now real estate, gold, silver, etc. What all consider kind of traditional inflation hedge type assets. What’s your view on those assets right now? So forget Bitcoin for a second just kind of more traditional real estate, gold and silver?

Robert Kiyosaki 7:42
Well, first of all, real estate gold mega switch real estate, as gold, silver and Bitcoin. The reason is, you’re off the central banking system or outside the system. You know, you say it’s the separation of money and government and that’s why Say gold and silver are God’s money. And Bitcoin is open source people’s money.

I don’t know much beyond that, but I’d rather have that than the dollar. I don’t have to mess around with $1 because that corrupt but most important, this is your greatest asset your brain or it’s your greatest liability. And if you’re in trouble today then a liability is between your left and your right ear. Because you absolutely drank some Kool Aid along the way.

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