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Microsoft and the Rise of No Code

by Alan Daniel
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Microsoft has been crushing it lately under its new CEO, Satya Nadella. Under Nadella, Microsoft has championed a move to open source and is taking on activities to reach out to the developer community. They have acquired Github, and they are pushing forward new initiatives such as Microsoft Azure and making it the world’s computer.

Azure Arc, Azure Synapse, Project Silica, Project Cortex, quantum computing with Azure Quantum, and Power Platform are just a few of the initiatives the Seattle based giant is bringing to the fore.

One critical growing initiative is that of the no-code movement.

The Microsoft Enables Further No Code Progress

The no-code movement is going to be necessary to empower more creators to develop and create solutions for organizations. No code is supposed to make it to where more individuals can get involved in the application creation process without learning how to code. No code should enable people to improve their lives and the trajectory of their departments and organizations over time. The idea is that creating and working with computers should be as simple as riding a bicycle.

Satya Nadella announced new initiatives at the Microsoft Ignite Conference that will help to simplify the app creation process.

The Power Platform

Microsoft already revealed the Power Platform in May 2019. The Power Platform makes it to where organizations can make use of aggregate information and the cloud platform to create applications. Indeed, organizations are taking note, a variety of organizations ranging from transportation companies to non-profit organizations have started to make use of this platform. They want to take advantage of the no-code platform to enhance their productivity and improve their different entities. Now, individuals can use PowerApps to build tools that make their jobs easier.

The No-Code trend will be significant because more companies are digitizing and transforming their current process to evolve and grow. That transformation will call for a smarter tech-savvy workforce, and thankfully, with initiatives such as PowerApps, the workforce may not need to know different computing languages.

Nadella believes that all organizations will become tech organizations in one sense or another. These organizations will need to have human capital that can propel the organization forward. No Code tools such as PowerApps will make that transition possible for small businesses and large conglomerates alike.

At the same time, experts don’t see traditional developers finding themselves out of a job anytime soon. No code tools will allow for “citizen developers” as Nadella likes to call it, and have them work alongside professional developers.

Microsoft isn’t the only entity in this segment.

Public companies such as Appian promote low-code possibilities with its platform as well.

The democratization of creation should allow for more productivity enhancements across different organizations.

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