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4 Key Masternode Projects To Watch in 2019

by icosuccess
, 4 Key Masternode Projects To Watch in 2019

There are different ways of making money in the cryptocurrency market; they include day trading, mining, HODL-ing or participating in airdrops and ICOs. A not too popular method of making money on crypto is investing in or running a masternode.

You must be wondering, what is a masternode?

Masternodes provide a range of specialized functions to all users of the a particular network. Some of these unique functions include performing instant transactions, improving the secrecy of transactions, engaging in governance and voting, among other blockchain-specific protocols.

By putting your servers or CPUs to work, masternodes allow participants to be involved with maintaining the health and stability of the blockchain. For supporting such projects, masternodes are often rewarded for finding blocks as stated within a smart contract, and depending on community support as a trusted masternode, can earn higher rank and potentially more earnings.

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